Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Juan Gilbert, Ph.D (Auburn University) * BDPA Epsilon Award for Outstanding Technical Contribution

Dr. Juan Gilbert is one of my favorite people in BDPA. I met the young brother when he was working on his advanced degree at the University of Cincinnati. He joined BDPA Cincinnati chapter and was a guest speaker at one of our program meetings. He moved down to Georgia after getting his degree to work for Auburn University. However, he renews his BDPA membership in the Cincinnati chapter year-after-year!

Dr. Gilbert is receiving the 2008 BDPA Epsilon Award for his work in electronic voting and affirmative action. Dr. Gilbert and his research team are the creators of Prime III, a secure, multimodal electronic voting system. This system allows people to vote by touch and our voice. This system enables more people to independently vote regardless of their ability. People that can’t hear, see, read or use their hands can vote using Prime III.

Recently, Everyone Counts, Inc. (an internet electronic voting company) incorporated the Prime III interface into their system. Dr. Gilbert also created Applications Quest, a data mining and analysis tool used to address recent attacks on the use of race for affirmative action. This tool allows admissions and human resources to use race in the admissions or hiring process without violating any judicial decisions on affirmative action. Applications Quest is now a for-profit company.

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