Monday, July 14, 2008

Curtis Jenkins (Rohm and Haas Company) * BDPA Epsilon Award for Community Service

I was pleased to learn that Curtis Jenkins is the 2008 BDPA Epsilon Award for Community Service winner.

Curtis joined Rohm and Haas Company in September of 2006. It was clear soon thereafter that Curtis was as committed to the core value of serving the community that he works in as Rohm and Haas has been during its almost 100 years of existence. The Greater Philadelphia Area community has felt the direct impact of Curtis’ broad, philanthropic interests as he guided the Rohm and Haas Company into taking another step to close the “digital divide” by providing families with much needed computers and software. He also gives of himself personally through corporate and community mentoring and development programs. Curtis has been recognized specifically by Rohm and Haas and the BDPA as a leader for change, a champion for our community and an example of how we all want to positively impact individuals and the organizations we work with.

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