Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Top 10 BDPA Twitter Users

Twitter received a spike in attention as a result of he recent election protests in Iran. BDPA chapters in Columbus, New York, Northern Delaware and Orlando have brought social networks, like Twitter into the discussion. It seems clear that this microblogging service is gaining popularity as a real-time communication platform.

As such, I thought it would be interesting to share with you our pick of the top 10 BDPA-nation Twitter users (in alpha order) that you should be following:
  1. Perry Carter - Carter is president of BDPA Washington DC chapter. His focus on Twitter is to promote online communication via BDPAtoday newsletter. He is a marketing genius that should be followed by any BDPAer interested in learning more about the organization on national level.

    Most recent tweet: bdpatoday (Online) Washington Teams retain Regional HSCC Title! Click to view -- http://bit.ly/2kWYK

  2. Milt Haynes - Haynes is past national BDPA president and a long-time BDPA leader. His focus on Twitter is to promote social networking to help African Americans in IT stay connected.

    Most recent tweet: Reading: Hot Time in the Old Town: Blogging While Brown -- http://twitthis.com/cjkwyr

  3. Callie Herd - Callie is a member of BDPA Memphis chapter. She wants to be part of the future growth and expansion of the BDPA vision in Tennessee. Her passion is getting scholarship information to young African Americans.

    Most recent tweet: How To Prepare for College Correctly visit http://bit.ly/s7ldH to get valuable info

  4. Wayne Hicks - Hicks is executive director of BDPA Education & Technology Foundation (BETF) and a long-time BDPA leader. He uses Twitter to share information about fundraising, nonprofit finances, BETF grants and such.

    Most recent tweet: #BDPA and ITSMF invite your online executive auction bid for Dr. Robin Richmond (Allstate Insurance) -- http://is.gd/1aiUw

  5. Michael Holman, Sr. - Holman is a long-time member of BDPA New York chapter. Michael was one of the SysOps that created BDPANet back in the early 1990s. He was a visionary when it came to taking BDPA into cyberspace.

    Most recent tweet: Check out the SlideShare Presentation on Facebook : Remembering Coretta http://tinyurl.com/nokk4v

  6. Eric Logan - Logan is a member of our BDPA Atlanta chapter. He is an IT guy and tech enthusiast, geek, gamer, Atlanta Falcons fan, and comic book buff who loves and enjoys life.

    Most recent tweet: Proper training can help in determining how the new technology adds value to the organization and how is the value realized.

  7. John Malonson - John was one of the first BDPA leaders that I saw on Twitter. He is president of BDPA Los Angeles chapter.

    Most recent tweet: Seriously, that was some Mr. Miyagi, Daniel-San type ish

  8. Byron Mayes - Mayes is vice-president of our BDPA Philadelphia chapter. He handles the monthly program meetings and blog updates for the chapter.

    Most recent tweet: Petula Clark on the 'Pod can be a remarkably upbeat start to the day.

  9. Pablo More - Pablo is the president of BDPA Orlando chapter. He is a business analyst for major bank with an interest in politics, technology, economic development, law, green technology, Black studies and Latin America.

    Most recent tweet: NY Times article: iPhone 3G S Activations Could Take a Couple of Days. http://tinyurl.com/nswn5b

  10. Deena Pierott - Pierott is a new BDPA leader. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and works with any professional seeking a career in the IT industry. She is committed to increasing the BDPA presence in the northwest portion of our country.

    Most recent tweet: Our first Meet & Greet for EEN is scheduled for tomorrow - I'm excited http://www.eensw.com/

Are you on Twitter? What BDPA Twitterer did we miss in your view?


Mike Holman said...

Thank You BDPA Foundation for thie award and recognition. It is MUCh Appreciated! I am deeply humbled!

Mike Holman Sr
BDPA New York Chapter

Unknown said...

Michael - Just telling it like I see it. Are there any BDPA Twitterers that you follow?