Wednesday, June 3, 2009

BDPA Group on LinkedIn Network

There are hundreds of BDPA members on the LinkedIn Network. I have my profile on LinkedIn. I shared my thoughts on the LinkedIn Network in the past.

Anyhow, I want to invite all current and former members to join the BDPA Group on LinkedIn. Joining will allow you to find and contact other BDPA members on LinkedIn. The goal of this group is to help you:
  1. Reach other members of BDPA
  2. Accelerate careers/business through referrals from BDPA Group members
  3. Know more than a name – view rich professional profiles from fellow BDPA Group members

Click here to join.

Hope to see you in the group. Please post a comment below if you are currently a member of LinkedIn. What has been your experience to date with this professional network?


Martin Lindsey said...

I'm a member of the BDPA group and here's my LinkedIn link as well. I invite all fellow members send me a LinkedIn invitation and I'd be happy to add you to my professional network.

Also take a look at my LinkedIn subject link under my Category heading on the right side bar of my blog, MartyBLOGs and pick up some practical tips on how to use LinkedIn to your professional advantage.

Also I frequently share my experiences on working back and forth between facebook and LinkedIn. Network your networks virtually just as you would in the physical realm.

Unknown said...

Marty - It is nice to see more BDPA members using social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter. We have to continue to share practical tips as you suggest. Keep doin' what you do!