Tuesday, July 7, 2009

BDPA Hall of Fame

One of the beautiful things about owning your own blog is that you can create stuff. I often talk about people being in the so-called BDPA Hall of Fame. In fact, the very first BETF-blog post focused on a 'Hall of Fame' candidate.

It dawned on me that we could begin the process of creating our own BDPA Hall of Fame right here on this blog. The BDPA Hall of Fame will include an inaugural member -- a BDPAer whose presence in the hallowed halls is beyond debate.

Future additions to the BDPA Hall of Fame will come from you!

Once a month, we'll accept nominations from the comments section of this blog and our Twitter feed. We'll narrow the field to three candidates, write a post arguing the case for his or her inclusion and another against it. Then we'll put it to a vote. It's that simple.

There aren't any other rules at this point. I hope you will participate. You can begin right away. Who do you think should be elevated to the BDPA Hall of Fame?


Unknown said...

MR. Joseph Taylor III - Memphis Chapter. He did the unthinkable and led a group of teams to win four consecutive HSCC championships.

Unknown said...

Jana - Your nomination for past Memphis chapter president Joseph Taylor III is duly noted! The vote will take place during the last week of this month.

Other nominees include:
Tony Adams (Detroit/KC)
Dr. Jesse Bemley (Wash DC)
Diane Davis (Detroit)
Dr. Michael McCrimmon (Atlanta)
Michael Robinson (NY/Atlanta)
Vivian Wilson (Cleveland)

I hope that others add their thoughts on any of the current nominees ... or add new ones of their own!

Unknown said...

Mike Ivy (Chicago) wrote,

Hi Wayne,

I would like to nominate four outstanding past members from the Chicago Chapter:

1) Marvin Walker
2) AW Bolden
3) Pat Hill
4) Tony Rhem

I served with each of them. All of them have served well!!!

Mike Ivy

Renee said...


I'd recommend Anthony Reed (Dallas). He was a charter member of the Dallas chapter and one of the officers. He's held IT executive positions for about 20 years. He's authored four books and over 50 articles, including 10 in ComputerWorld.

He co-founded the National Black Marathoners Association. He met the other co-founder at the 2001 BDPA Conference in Chicago, where he made a presentation.

He also made Black history by becoming the first Black in the world to run marathons on all seven continents, including Antarctica (see Ebony, May 2009, p. 105). Most recently, joined another elite group of athletes by completing his 100th 26.2-mile marathon.


Unknown said...

Vicki Frisby (Seattle) wrote,

Just like you they supported me without question or hesitation and were instrumental in helping me start the Massachusetts chapter. They were tireless in answering any questions and making me feel comfortable on the Board at every National meeting.

You know who we HAVE to nominate? Ollie Morgan. I could go on and on about him. I know you and Milt can write that up magnificently.

Let me know if you need any help with this. I like this a lot. Great idea.

Thank you

Unknown said...

Renee - Your nomination is duly noted. I never knew the information about Anthony Reed. I appreciate you very much for sharing it. How cool would it be for Bro. Reed to get re-engaged with BDPA Dallas chapter once again in the 21st century!

Unknown said...

Michael Holman (New York) wrote,

Ollie Morgan for sure!

Anonymous said...

I would like to Dr. Monica Anderson of BDPA Twin Cities Chapter. She is a great leader and super intelligent. She has a PhD in Computer Science and is speaking to congress in Washington Dc today on Science.

Anthony Reed said...


Thank you for your comments. I still attend the Dallas area BDPA meetings when my schedule allows.

Anthony "Tony" Reed

Unknown said...

Mike Holman (New York) wrote the following in support of Ollie Morgan's nomination --

"I would have to say he understood BDPA Mission in his own words as just one point."

Unknown said...

Michael Ivy (Chicago) - added to his nomination of Marvin Walker (Chicago),

Hi Wayne,

As previously noted I recommended a few esteemed collegues for the BDPA hall of fame. One of which was Marvin Walker, a founding member. I have attached some information that might tell you more about my dear friend.

What has always inspired me personally about Marvin, is his professionalism, calm and cool manner. He is always dressed to the nines and ready for business, but yet he is so personable. A very warm and inviting person!

When I think of Marvin, I always think of the generation that preceded me in this rough and tumble world of IT. Marvin is probably only 5 or 10 years my senior and his presentation I realize has helped me be able to transition into the field. He started his career 10 years before me. Imagine the scarcity of African-American programmers in 1970!!!! Imagine all the difficulties that he endured! I am sure he has stories.

Hope this helps, will soon have info on the three others that I have suggested.

Mike Ivy

Unknown said...

Michael Ivy (Chicago) shared following insights from Marvin Walker --

Marvin B. Walker
Submission for: Black Data Processing Associates - Hall of Fame

Date of Birth: August 31, 1946. I am the second (2nd) of five (5) sons born to my mom and dad, (Johnnie Mae and Frank Walker, Sr.) who celebrated sixty-five (65) years of marriage in February, 2009.

Childhood Affinities: As a child, I had an affinity for three things.
• I was always “building things”, from lemonade stands to the old “milk-crate” scooters, to go-carts. You name it, I built it.

• As for the trouble I got into, you name it, I probably did it. And when my father got home, I would receive my reward.

• I have always had an affinity for writing instruments (pens and/or pencils, which I was and am rarely, if ever without).

Early Work Ethic Development: My older brother Frank and I had afternoon and morning paper-routes, delivering The Chicago Daily News, and Tribune and Sun-Times newspapers, respectively.

Unknown said...

All - The nominations on this post will be 'grandfathered' into the process. Thank you for taking time to submit them...


peace, Wayne

Unknown said...

Jana - We've had to re-group on this process. One of the rules that we've established is that a person needs to hold at least two NBOD positions in order to qualify. Joseph Taylor was on the NBOD as president of BDPA Memphis chapter. He didn't have a second NBOD position (to my knowledge). As such, he isn't eligible...

Mike Ivy - Thank you for all of your nominations. Marvin, AW, Pat and Tony are all excellent BDPAers. However, we have established a rule that calls for an eligible nominee to have served in at least two NBOD positions.

Renee - Anthony Reed is an outstanding nominee. I didn't realize he was a co-founder of your chapter. Anyhow, he is not eligible under our recently announced rules.

Vicki - Nomination for Ollie Morgan is duly noted.