Thursday, September 10, 2009

BDPA Hall of Fame Nominations

We announced creation of the mythical BDPA Hall of Fame (HOF) earlier this year. BDPA co-founder Earl Pace was the inaugural HOF honoree.

Initially, we had no rules for inclusion into the HOF ... however, it seems that there should be some minimum standards to be included. Here are the proposed rules for entry into our mythical BDPA Hall of Fame:
  1. Nominations must be placed as a COMMENT on this blog post
  2. Nominees must have served in at least two separate positions on the National BDPA Board of Directors
Once three eligible candidates are identified, we will write a post arguing the case for (and against) their inclusion. Then we'll put it to a vote.

It's that simple. There aren't any other rules at this point. I hope you will participate. You can begin right away. Who do you think should be elevated to the mythical BDPA Hall of Fame?


Villager said...

All - Ollie Morgan is an eligible nominee. He was placed into nomination by Vickie Frisby (Seattle) and Mike Holman (NY).

Villager said...

All - Vicki Frisby (Seattle) wrote, "Diane Davis should be nominated because under her Presidency of the Detroit chapter she must of facilitated more new chapters in her time. Please give me the history. She historically influenced more members and people being presidents in her day.

Vivian Wilson was the National President when Diane Davis, Michael McCrimmon, Michael Robinson were presidents and the Board of Director's with great VP's such as yourself, Tony Adams, Michael Mooney, Darryl Bradley, Millicent Fuller, Beverly Meadows, etc handling their chapter's business inspired the rest of us in membership retention and creation.

Please let me know if you need more information. I stand by my nominations and I definitely agree that Dr. Bemley has to be put in there also.

Thanks for starting this and I still want to see you in there. The next nominations from me would be Tony Adams, Michael Robinson, Michael McCrimmon."

There are a number of nominations in Vicki's note. However, the four that are eligible seem to be:
Diane Davis, Michael McCrimmon, Vivian Wilson and Millicent Fuller.