Wednesday, January 13, 2010

President Profile: BDPA Los Angeles (John Malonson)

BDPA's success in the 21st century will be determined by a new generation of leaders. We need to find new ways to reach out to members, IT professionals, students, entrepreneurs, executives and sponsors. One of the new generation of leaders is BDPA Los Angeles chapter president John Malonson. We thought you would like to learn more about this powerful young brother!

Name: John Malonson (Raytheon)
President, BDPA Los Angeles Chapter

Address: 6709 La Tijera Blvd, #501
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Phone: (562) 726-2677

Website: or Facebook or Twitter.

Newsletter: BDPAtoday Los Angeles (September 2008). You can sign up to receive the 2010 chapter newsletter here.

Professional Background - John is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and is currently a Business Partner Lead for one of the nation's largest Department of Defense contractors. During his seven years at his current employer, John has made the transition from Web Application Developer to Project Manager to Portfolio Manager to Business Partner Lead (Strategic Planner).

"I'm thankful to work for a company that values diversity of all forms and offers numerous opportunities to those who take risks and welcome new challenges."
BDPA Los Angeles Vision - John became president of the Los Angeles chapter in January 2009. He describes himself as being a huge technophile. His primary goal for the BDPA Los Angeles chapter is to be the FIRST organization that comes to mind regarding African Americans and anything Information Technology related (professional development, networking, current trends in tech, IT job placement).

"2010 is upon us, it's inexcusable to be ignorant on any given subject for more than half an hour!"
Education - John holds a BA in Psychology with a specialization in Business Administration from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

"Growing up, I never knew anyone that attended a major four-year institution. Unbeknownst to me during my college years, I became a role model to my younger brother and cousins."
Teamwork - John believes that behind every great leader is a great team. If you are interested in joining the BDPA Los Angeles Leadership Team, please contact John directly by email or phone (562.726-2677).

"Volunteer Leadership has got to be one of the most challenging opportunities for anyone. I'm thankful for the above and beyond dedication that my team possesses and I am always looking for new leaders to welcome to our team!"

BDPA Los Angeles enters the new year in a strong position as the 12th largest chapter in the nation. The sky is the limit for this chapter under the leadership of a powerful nubian -- John Malonson. I hope that you will take a moment to share some 'BDPA-Love' with John in the COMMENTS section!

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