Saturday, January 9, 2010

HCA Foundation

As the philanthropic arm of HCA, the mission of the HCA Foundation is to promote health and well being, support childhood and youth development and foster the arts in Middle Tennessee.

In partnership with the employees of HCA, the foundation seeks to accomplish this mission by providing leadership, service and financial support to nonprofit organizations effectively engaged in meeting local needs.

The HCA Foundation supports organizations that have a well-defined sense of purpose, a demonstrated commitment to maximizing available resources and a reputation for meeting objectives and delivering quality services with caring and compassion. Actively providing grants in Middle Tennessee since 1998, The HCA Foundation has contributed more than $125M in grants to over 200 agencies and organizations in Middle Tennessee.

One of HCA Foundation's grant-making targets is Childhood and Youth Development --work that encourages the positive growth and development of children and youth. The grants they award are intended to promote success in school, skill-building and character development, responsibility, service and leadership.

Preference will be given to requests from organizations where an HCA employee volunteers or serves on the board.

New applicants are asked to send a one-or two-page letter of inquiry to the Foundation describing the proposed project, its goals and objectives and the approximate level of funding required. Foundation staff will review each request and will notify the organization as soon as possible as to whether or not the project coincides with funding priorities.

For more information please contact:

The HCA Foundation
Attn: Lois Abrams – Grants Manager
One Park Plaza, Building I – 4th Floor East
Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: (615) 344-2390
Fax: (615) 344-5722

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