Saturday, January 2, 2010

Donation Shifts Trouble Nonprofits

by Lindsey Robbins

Among the biggest challenges nonprofits face is covering their overhead when donors increasingly target their gifts to the charity's specific projects and programs, rather than the groups themselves.

"There is a movement away from the traditional notion of charity, or giving money in good faith, to social investing, where you actually see results," said Jeff Mason, vice president of Social Solutions in Baltimore, which provides performance management software to nonprofits in the human service area.

At a recent conference for nonprofit organizations in Washington, foundations and grant makers suggested that nonprofits may have better luck soliciting funding if they find ways to talk about what their organizations do and whom they serve with more than just numbers.

Mason said his software can help nonprofits take that tack. More funders are focusing on the outcomes of a nonprofit's work rather than how many people it serves, he said. They're looking for clear goals, indicators of program progress, methods of collecting data on program outcomes and evidence of nonprofits using these data to refine their service.

"Most nonprofits have great intentions but no good, clear understanding of the impact of their programs," Mason said.

Read the rest of the Maryland Gazette article here.

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