Tuesday, August 21, 2007

2007 National BDPA High School Computer Competition (HSCC) Rankings

The 2007 National BDPA High School Computer Competition (HSCC) championships were held in Washington DC. We had 21 teams competing in 2007 ... highest chapter participation since the 2004 competition.

The crowds gathered around these 21 teams to see if the team trained by BDPA Chicago could defend their 2006 title or whether the team trained by BDPA Southern Minnesota would resume their national dominance or if another chapter would upset them both.

As it turned out the power of the young men and women from Rochester, MN was too much ... BDPA Southern Minnesota earned 774 points to win the 2007 National HSCC championship ... their 3rd championship in the past 3 years. It was a remarkable effort by four truly remarkable young people (Yaa Kwansa, Ahmed Mahamad, Lauren Pemberton, Kunle Roberts and Adwait Walimbe), their coach (Zack Garbow) and chapter president (Francis Aning).

The host team from Washington DC set a chapter record in the national competition when they scored 754 points for the silver-medal. BDPA Chicago chapter scored 753 points to earn a bronze medal.

Here are the rankings for all 21 teams that competed in 2007 national HSCC championships with the scholarship winnings for each student in parenthesis:
  1. Southern Minnesota ($3,000 Bemley Scholarship for each student)
  2. Washington DC ($2,000 each)
  3. Chicago ($1,500 each)
  4. Detroit ($1,000 each)
  5. Chattanooga ($500 each)
  6. Charlotte
  7. Dayton
  8. New Jersey
  9. Los Angeles
  10. Twin Cities
  11. Dallas
  12. Richmond
  13. Hartford
  14. Cincinnati
  15. Austin
  16. St. Louis
  17. Philadelphia
  18. New York
  19. Greater Tampa Bay
  20. Cleveland
  21. Columbus
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Were you at the 2007 National BDPA Technology Conference held in Washington DC? Do you remember the HSCC championships? Do you remember any of the workshops or speakers from that year's conference? Care to share your favorite memory of that conference with us?

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