Tuesday, April 28, 2009

BDPA Twin Cities HSCC Coordinator Michael Wulf Shares His Testimonial

Michael Wulf is a man with a tremendous BDPA legacy. He is the HSCC coordinator for BDPA Twin Cities chapter. He has trained upwards of 100 young people as part of the chapter's SITES program. The photo shows some of the BDPA Twin Cities students and instructors from this year's high school training program.

Bro. Wulf shared the following testimonial:

"Wayne, I am extremely proud of BDPA organzation, the 50+ chapters, the 25+ competition teams preparing themselves for the national competition August 2009. It's pictures like this that make me even more proud. This is one class from the Twin Cities chapter. Our previous year HSCC students are 'junior instructors' responsible for preparing and delivering curriculum as instructors to new/less experienced students. This itself is a self fulfilling prophecy and dream to elevate our community! This single shift in delivery of our training has increased the morale and energy in every class 10 fold! BDPA kids are 'the' very best kids there are and am proud to be a part of this fine organization."

Do you have this type of enthusiasm for BDPA in your chapter as well?

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Unknown said...

I'm very proud of Michael and his work with the BDPA Twin Cities chapter HSCC team over the past few years. Here is how the team has progressed in the last four national championships:

2006 - 19th place
2007 - 14th place
2008 - 9th place
2009 - 4th place (earning each student a $1,000 Bemley Scholarship from the BDPA Education & Technology Foundation).

Well done young Michael!