Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kroger Neighborhood Reward Program

A great way to earn money for your non-profit organization with minimum selling and solicitation required.

Here's how:
• Send your completed application and copy of your 501(c)3 to Kroger Gift Services
• Place a gift card order with Kroger Gift Services
• Sell the cards to your supporters for full value
• Encourage your supporters to reload their card

Simple Reloading . . .
• The card can be reloaded for ANY amount up to $250.
• Pay for the reloaded card with cash, check or major credit card.
• When your non-profit organization reaches $5,000 with its initial order plus reloads in our four-week cycle, we will send a check to your organization for 4% of the total.

Total Purchase Earnings Your Organization Earns
$5,000 X 4% = $200

• If your organization doesn't reach $5,000 the money will carry over into the next four-week cycle.


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