Saturday, May 28, 2011

Staples Foundation

Staples provides charitable donations to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations engaged in educational and youth–focused projects and events.

Your chapter needs to visit your local Staples store and speak with the general manager about how they can support your community organization. All requests are evaluated by your local Staples store and decisions are made at the discretion of store management.

  1. In-Kind Product Donation - Staples stores are able to donate eligible product to help your organization’s administrative needs. Your local store manager can answer any questions about product availability and eligibility. You can also request in–kind support from Staples Home Office by filling out an online donation request. Please note, Staples will only consider online requests and will not accept or review unsolicited faxed or mailed requests.
  2. We Care Gift Cards - Staples stores are able to support nonprofit organizations making a positive difference in the local community through We Care gift cards. These gift cards enable nonprofit organizations to obtain supplies from Staples needed to make a community event or program a success!
Please let me know if your chapter would like to explore local giving option from Staples Foundation. Is there a Staples store in your chapter city that you want to approach?

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