Monday, November 24, 2014

Long Story Short: Derrick Brown (BDPA Atlanta)

Derrick Brown considers himself to be an Organizational Relationship expert who utilizes critical thinking in order to analyze and assess individual and team dynamics for improvement and strong positive outcomes. This same skill set is utilized as a powerful problem solving tool ... a strong leader, able to influence for success across any organization at all levels. He created the tool for motivational empowerment, 3FE: Find, Focus, Fundamentals and Execute. The everyday person's critical thinking tool for problem solving that enhances, motivates, and empowers the individual.

Derrick is ending his first year as president of our BDPA Atlanta chapter. His chapter earned chapter of the year honors in 2014 after winning the 2013 national BDPA High School Computer Competition (HSCC) championship. There is little that his chapter hasn't accomplished as it continues to expand itself in terms of programs and services for its members, sponsors and other stakeholders.

Derrick Brown
This blog wanted to get a more personal look into the personality of this rising BDPA leader. We asked Derrick to give brief answers to some odd questions. We hope you enjoy this new feature that we simply call, 'Long Story Short...'

  1. Craziest thing you've ever done? - There have been far too many craziest things (some I just can’t mention). However, let’s go with jumping off a house hoping I could fly. As a child I had a very powerful imagination and it continued as a grew up. However, back then there was cartoon called G-Force on television and I wanted to emulate those characters. I tied a sheet around myself and thought that I perhaps could glide off the roof like the characters in the cartoon.

  2. Favorite food you'd take with you on a desert island? - French Fries. I have a sincere love for potatoes dumped in olive oil and cooked for a several minutes to a golden consistency.

  3. How do you kill time in airports? - Writing on my laptop. I’ve published four books and have eight manuscripts complete. Please be on the lookout for the re-release of 'An Educational Primer For The Majority Student'!

  4. Who you'd like to meet? - I would like to meet Booker T. Washington

Somebody bring this brother some french fries when you see him next time!

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