Monday, August 14, 2017

Long Story Short: Malcom Mathis II (BDPA St. Louis)

Mr. Malcom B. Mathis II works at Monsanto, a fortune 500 Agricultural Technology company, as an IT Business Architect for North America Supply Chain IT. Malcom has worked at Monsanto since 2011 and has taken on increasing responsibility each year. His work has taken him to numerous places in North America like Illinois, California and Iowa as well as Hawaii, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Malcom is an active contributor to the St. Louis community. He currently serves as President of the executive board of BDPA St. Louis chapter, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing diversity in Information Technology. He volunteers in the Science and Agriculture Education Outreach program at Monsanto, chairs the Monsanto-BDPA scholarship committee and is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.

Malcom Mathis (BDPA St. Louis Prez)
Malcom received his B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. He went on to receive a Master’s in Analytical Chemistry from Kent State University in Ohio.

This blog wanted to get a more personal look into the personality of this rising BDPA leader. We asked Malcom to give brief answers to some odd questions. We hope you enjoy this new feature that we simply call, 'Long Story Short...'

  1. Simple things that make you happiest? - I get a flutter in my heart when my children playfully interact with each other.
  3. Who You'd Like to Meet? - I would like to meet someone from the distant past and someone from the distant future (preferably of my lineage). It would be great to discuss how far we have come and where we are going.
  5. Favorite Way to de-stress after a long week? - Play a round of golf. There is nothing like getting out and enjoying nature while playing golf; however, if I’m not hitting the ball well, it can add to the stress.
  7. How you kill time in airports? - I try to time my arrival so I won’t have to wait long to board the plane. However, I will bring a book to read or spark up conversation with a random person. Many times I end up talking on the phone with my wife.

Malcom is an outstanding leader for his chapter! He is doing all the right things to grow his chapter and I hope that other chapter leaders around the country look up to Malcom for support.

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