Monday, August 28, 2017

Tristan Trejo Will Use Bemley Scholarship at University of Minnesota

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) is proud to announce that Tristan Trejo will use the Bemley Scholarship awarded all the members of the BDPA Southern Minnesota High School Computer Competition (HSCC) team with a $3,000 college scholarship at the University of Minnesota.

Tristan Trejo * Bemley Scholar
Tristan is a young man who plans to become a well-known architect, who can find ways to incorporate Computer Science to experience the design process in each stage of Architecture, to benefit both the Architects and the client. He had a wonderful high school experience at Century High School serving at a referee in the Minnesota Soccer League, rink Attendant for the city at the Recreation Center. Tristan was also on the varsity track and field team (state medalist for pole vault) and varsity soccer team.

Tristan has been a member of BDPA Southern Minnesota for six years and a part of the chapter's youth computer team for the past 3 years. We asked him to share his thoughts on BDPA:

The most memorable moment of BDPA, was when our team was named the National winner at the High School Computer Competition (BDPA Disrupt 2017) in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our team members were all first-time competitors, but we surprised ourselves and won! The competition was tough, and requirements for the competition were very challenging and complicated. All of the other teams were very good teams. Our team members looked at each other, paused, pondered, and simultaneously, put our heads together, and strived for the best.

2017 BDPA SMN HSCC Team (Tristan is 2nd-left)
We really astonished ourselves! BDPA has had a great impact on my life. I have learned many lessons over the course of 6 years as a member, and not just lessons on coding, but I have learned to be a leader, a good public speaker, and learned how to understand my peers better, and much more. I have been able to help promote this program to the community, and I’m proud of it. The amount of knowledge I have obtained through out my BDPA career is immense, and I am very grateful that I was part of such a giving organization. I am very thankful to the people who made this opportunity available.

BDPA is blessed to have such a young and talented student as a winner of the Bemley Scholarship. We look forward to supporting Tristan's career as he seeks to advance in the architecture industry!

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