Sunday, October 2, 2011

SITES/HSCC Program Open House (BDPA Philadelphia)

BDPA Philadelphia Chapter is offering the opportunity for 20 students to enroll in the Students Information Technology Educational and Scholarship (SITES) and High School Computer Competition (HSCC) Programs. 

The SITES program is designed to inform and inspire students to pursue careers in Information Technology, while laying a solid foundation for their collegiate and professional careers.  The program has an intensive training curriculum for students in grades 8 through 12.

Courses covered
Web design
• Java, JSP, database development
• Application development
• Writing mobile applications

GOALS - To ensure  students receive quality instruction in basic computer skills so they can design solutions to realistic business and industry problems using a web technology programming language such as the Microsoft .NET, JAVA or PHP. Additionally, students will learn to utilize HTML, JavaScript, SQL, relational database and a variety of other internet and computer-related technology including Cyber-security.  Students will gain communication and presentation skills and how to work effectively in teams in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.
RESULTS - Students who work hard to learn the concepts will have the opportunity to compete for college scholarships and prizes during the National BDPA Technology Conference. At the national conference, students will be able to attend workshops, seminars, corporate sponsored luncheons and receptions, visit educational attractions, and networking evenings with IT professionals and students from around the country.  Students can also participate in a T-Shirt Design Competition.
WHO SHOULD APPLY - Students in grades 8 – 12,  who have a willingness to learn; attend classes regularly; complete projects, homework, quizzes and exams on time;  willing to work within a team and demonstrate appropriate behavior.

REGISTRATION - Parents of interested students please contact Monica Ellis-Gorham, HSCC Coordinator, via email at or contact BDPA Philadelphia directly at 215-844-3235, ext 3.
You can register online if you are unable to attend this open house.

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