Monday, October 31, 2011

BDPA Online Community: Groupsites

There have been many efforts to improve the marketing of BDPA over the years.  Some of us remember our first foray into cyberspace with the creation of our own BBS community known as 'BDPANet'.  Later we added online communities now known as 'YahooGroups'.   We've since ventured into a wide variety of other social networking communities including 'Twitter'.

One of those ventures is through a Black-owned and operated business, Groupsite, created by Clarence Wooten.  I think that BDPA Washington DC chapter president Perry Carter was the first person who pointed me to Groupsite (formerly known as 'CollectiveX').  I took on the challenge of creating the centralized BDPA Groupsite on December 24, 2007. It was part of my effort to leverage Web 2.0 tools in support of the fundraising efforts of BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF).

We reached a BDPA-Groupsite milestone in October 2009 when we reached 2,000 subscribers.   The growth has been slower since that time as the growth of other online networks and the national website have garnered additional attention.    I'm not sure what the future will be for the BDPA presence on the Groupsite platform ... but, the journey has been fun!

Here are some other BDPA-related Groupsites (with subscription numbers in parenthesis) that are up and running:
  1. BDPA (2570)
  2. BDPAToday (156)
  3. BDPA Baltimore (1)
  4. BDPA Chapter Presidents (22)
  5. BDPA Charlotte (57)
  6. BDPA Cincinnati (69)
  7. BDPA Cleveland (28)
  8. BDPA Columbus (21)
  9. BDPA IT Institute (12)
  10. BDPA Los Angeles (37)
  11. BDPA Middle Tennessee (2)
  12. BDPA New Jersey (11)
  13. BDPA Philadelphia (35)
  14. BDPA Richmond (16)
  15. BDPA Washington DC (184)
Let me know if you don't see one on this list that should be there. Also, let me know if you see any value in the continued existence of these Groupsites. What say u?

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