Sunday, August 9, 2009

BDPA Member Annette Yates Buys Small Business in Phoenix AZ

One of our earliest BETF donors was Annette Yates. Annette is a long-time leader of the BDPA Richmond chapter. She worked in the information technology industry for over 30 years when she decided last year to move to Phoenix, AZ to be closer to her children and grandchildren.

If you know Annette ... then you know she wasn't going to sit in a rocking chair on her front porch. As such, we are not surprised that she opened up a Curves franchise. Curves provides an exercise and weight control program designed specifically for women. Whether you’re interested in getting more exercise for health and general condition, or want to lose weight or tone your muscles, Curves can help you establish a regimen to help you meet your goal. [SOURCE]

I congratulated Annette on her foray into entrepreneurship. She replied,

Thank you Wayne! Believe me it came as quite a surprise to me, but you know, what God has for you is for you!! I love every moment of it!! I didn’t realize that I would have as much technology at my disposal until I was exposed to all of the facets executing the Curves business processes. This definitely is a perfect fit for me. I love working out, I love inspiring people to do their best and the technology was definitely an added plus!!

I must credit BDPA for the majority of my business process knowledge. After being in the various leadership roles and especially running the Richmond Chapter for 5 years has definitely paid off in my new entrepreneurship career. There was no way I could have stepped into this ownership position and have been as successful as I have been in such a short period of time unless I had the prior experience that I gained over these last 20 years in BDPA.
For more information, contact Annette Yates at (602) 470-4500. Of course, you can share your thoughts and remembrances of Annette's BDPA legacy here in this spot as well.

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