Sunday, August 30, 2009

BDPA Twin Cities Chapter Success Grows in High School Computer Competition

The success demonstrated by BDPA Southern Minnesota chapter in winning four of the past five national BDPA High School Computer Competitions (HSCC) is truly remarkable. However a few hours north in Minneapolis, MN is an untold story that I've enjoyed watching just as much.

BDPA Twin Cities chapter president Aaron Young and the chapter HSCC coordinator Michael Wulf and co-coordinator Kelly Martin have been quietly, persistently and passionately working to create a youth technology juggernaut in Minnesota.

The HSCC team from BDPA Twin Cities chapter came in 19th place during the 2006 national competition held in Los Angeles CA.

The BDPA Twin Cities chapter went back home, studied harder ... and at the 2007 national competition held in Washington DC the team took home 14th place honors.

Persistence and dedication to the educational process was evident during the training in 2008. The team traveled to Atlanta GA for the national competition and walked away with a 9th place finish.

Many of the members of the BDPA Twin Cities chapter HSCC team were entering their senior year in 2009. For many, this might be their last competition. They didn't have the funds to purchase air tickets ... so they rented a van and drove over 20 hours to compete in the 2009 national championship held in Raleigh NC ... and they walked away with $1,000 Bemley Scholarships as a result of their 4th place finish.

The sky is the limit for this chapter's youth education program in 2010. Judging from their progression over the past four years ... we shouldn't be surprised if the 2010 national HSCC championship banner remains in Minnesota next year! If any of our BDPA corporate sponsors in the Minnesota area are reading ... now is the time to sign up as a sponsor for this chapter ... trust me!


Big Mama said...

Every BDPA member should read Twin Cities' HSCC story. What dedication! What persistence! Talk about "eyes on the prize", Twin Cities, you are on it! I hope
this is on Facebook and in some of the 2010 conference literature that goes out. Emailed to each chapter president to be read at the next meetings. BDPA Twin Cities, you are doing BDPA proud.

Kudos also to the South Minnesota team who have led the competition for how many years now?


Unknown said...

Iya - Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts on this blog post. I'm hoping that other readers of this blog will take a moment to share comments as well.

In any case, I agree with you ... BDPA Twin Cities chapter is truly a success story on both an individual and chapter basis!