Monday, August 24, 2009

Grant Recipient: BDPA Richmond ($8,500)

BETF is proud to announce approval of a $8,500 grant in support of the Student Information Technology Education & Scholarship (SITES) program in Richmond, VA.

BDPA Richmond chapter president Jamar Arvin indicates that the funds will be used to support the students, volunteers and instructors involved in the national high school computer competition and youth technology camp taking place in Raleigh NC on August 5-8, 2009.

Did you know that BETF has given out $178,884 so far this calendar year to National BDPA and 13 local BDPA chapters? Our foundation exists to provide financial support to BDPA on a local and national level. Our thought is that your chapter volunteers should focus on program delivery while BETF volunteers can work on funding for your education and technology programs.

Is your chapter learning about BETF through our social networks like Facebook, Groupsite, Twitter or YahooGroup?

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