Friday, August 5, 2016

Albert Appouh Uses Johnson & Johnson Scholarship at Rutgers University

Albert Appouh (Rutgers University)
BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) is proud to announce that Johnson & Johnson awarded a $2,500 college scholarship to ten (10) students. One of those students is Albert Appouh of Rutgers University.

Albert recently joined our BDPA New Jersey chapter. When asked to share his thoughts on being a Johnson & Johnson scholar, Albert wrote,
I was born into a disadvantaged family in Newark, New Jersey. In my late teens, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder combined with schizophrenia and I have been institutionalized twice in my life due to these afflictions. In spite of my race, low income status, and mental disabilities, I found the best way to overcome these challenges was to immerse myself in my studies and to stay active in my community by volunteering and taking on leadership responsibilities. I maintained excellent grades throughout school, became a student leader for various extracurricular activities and volunteered regularly with organizations within my community. By taking the initiative to become a leader, and by having confidence in myself to succeed in ay endeavor I chose to take, I found that not only was I capable of being an excellent steward of resources, people and responsibility, but that I had a passion for it.

If I could be described in three words, they would be: ambitious, hard-working, and motivated. As an applied math, computer science, and economics triple major at Rutgers University with career aspirations in the IT industry, I am a very open-minded and creative person who is always eager to learn. Meeting new people and making connections fill me with such satisfaction. I am always working on improving myself in practically every aspect of my life, whether it be my personality, my leadership skills, or my etiquette. As much as I can capable of accomplishing things on my own, I work best as a team player. I always take the initiative and accept the responsibilities of in any position I’m given.
When asked about his relationship with BDPA, Albert wrote,
Being a member of Black Data Processing Associates has introduced me to a diverse network of qualified STEM professionals who can share their expertise and keep me (and other members, of course) up-to-date on business opportunities in the industry. In addition, the organization’s career development services have helped me develop and enhance my professional skills in order to increase my value in the eyes of prospective companies. Overall, being a member of BDPA has helped me learn more about technology, has improved my technical abilities, has introduced me to an experienced group of role models, and has opened doors leading to employment.
BDPA is blessed to have such a young and talented technology student on board as both a member and as winner of the Johnson & Johnson Scholarship. We look forward to supporting Albert's career as he seeks to advance in the technology industry!

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