Friday, August 26, 2016

Long Story Short: Matthew Lampkin (BDPA Hartford)

Matthew Lampkin joined BDPA Hartford chapter in 2005. Over the years he served in a variety of leadership positions including HSCC coordinator and vice president. He currently serves as the BDPA Hartford chapter president. His immediate goal is to increase the chapter’s membership, build relationships with students at area high schools\colleges, and provide area companies access to a pool of talented IT professionals. One of his biggest accomplishments was the establishment of the Computer Learning Program for the state Department of Children and Families. Although Matthew has spent the past 22 years of his life in the Mid-Atlantic and New England States, he is a native of Houston, Texas. He attended Syracuse University and graduated in 1997 with a BS in Information Management Technology. Currently he is employed by Computer Sciences Corporation in East Hartford, CT as a Security Administrator.

Matthew Lampkin
This blog wanted to get a more personal look into the personality of this rising BDPA leader. We asked Matthew to give brief answers to some odd questions. We hope you enjoy this new feature that we simply call, 'Long Story Short...'

  1. Craziest thing you've ever done? Recently signed up for a vacation club membership.
  2. Favorite way to exercise? When I'm coaching my 7 - 10 year old players who are on the West Hartford Cowboys!! I do drills with them.
  3. Simple things that make you happiest? When those who care about me the most give me a simple thanks for things I do or when these same folks help others; pay it forward.
  4. Who You'd Like to Meet? My great grandparents and my great-great-grandparents. Really would love to see what qualities of theirs do I have within me.
I don't much care for the Dallas Cowboys ... but, I can definitely yell out Go Cowboys to Matthew next time I see him!

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