Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Carrington & Carrington Supports BDPA Technology Conference

National BDPA is pleased to announce that Carrington & Carrington will be in attendance for the 37th Annual BDPA Technology Conference on August 19-22, 2015 in Washington DC.

Willie Carrington began the search practice in 1979 and was joined by Marian Carrington in 1991 as a Principal and Co-Owner. Since then, they have together guided Carrington & Carrington, Ltd. through challenging economic periods to remain one of the leading African American owned executive search firms in the country. Headquartered in Chicago, with a strong presence in Washington, DC and Memphis, TN, the firm’s impressive national client list consists primarily of Fortune 500 companies and nationally recognized not-for-profits.

The firm places candidates in middle management and senior-level executive positions across various industries and all functional areas. Throughout its history, Carrington & Carrington, Ltd. has stayed true to its original mission of knowing and sourcing diverse talent for major companies and has become strong specialists in this area.

Strength through Diversity and Inclusion,” reflects the belief at Carrington & Carrington that in order to remain competitive, companies must attract top diverse talent for the management pipeline and executive-level positions.

Contact BDPA on (301) 584-3135, x108 if you have questions about our corporate sales program!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Nissan Foundation

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) is willing to work with any eligible chapter to request funding from the Nissan Foundation. In the United States, Nissan Neighbors is a community-focused initiative dedicated to improving communities through charitable contributions and in-kind donations to nonprofit organizations working in three focus areas: education, the environment and humanitarian aid.

All organizations applying for funding through Nissan Neighbors must meet the following requirements:
  1. Have 501 (c)(3) non-profit status;
  2. Support projects compatible with one of the Nissan Neighbors focus areas; and
  3. Serve communities surrounding Nissan's affiliate locations:
    • Southern California (location of Nissan Design America and Nissan Research Center);
    • Middle Tennessee (location of Nissan Americas corporate headquarters and manufacturing assembly plants in Smyrna and Decherd);
    • Central Mississippi (location of manufacturing assembly plant in Canton);
    • Dallas/Ft. Worth (location of Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation); and
    • Metro Detroit (location of Nissan Technical Center North America).
Nissan Neighbors accepts grant applications throughout the year. In support of a greener environment, the Nissan Neighbors application process is administered online. Hardcopy and paper applications are not accepted.

It appears that this is a funding opportunity for our BDPA chapters in Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles and Middle Tennessee. BETF is willing to work with any of those chapters to seek funding for its 2015 SITES program. We operate on a first-come; first-served basis. Don’t procrastinate!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

This Week in BDPA (October 19-25, 2014)

BDPA offers strong programs in 46 cities around the nation. Are you taking advantage of these programs? Here is a weekly preview of upcoming events gathered from the centralized BDPA calendar:
Please let us know of other BDPA events 
that we may have missed! 
You can always find BDPA programs, services or networking activity online at places such as:
BDPA supports your efforts for career advancement in the IT industry. Our hope is that you find reasons to provide tax-deductible support to our Causes, our HSCC Scholarship Funds or Your Causes! We encourage all BDPA leaders to take advantage of the centralized BDPA Groupsite Calendar to post your upcoming events.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Message from Midwest Region Vice President

Michael & Elizabeth Wulf
Greetings Midwest Presidents!

Many of you know my wife, Elizabeth, and I raised money by doing We created a unique way to raise awareness and enough money towards establishing a BDPA learning management platform that is dedicated to broadening the reach of BDPA tech education out to the kids in the community. Initially to impact our youth ... then adults, veterans and so forth. This promise to you was also part of my campaign speech as Regional VP so our collaborative need to make delivery of BDPA services in education easier for you as a chapter leader.

We (a lot of people) have been very successful in establishing a Moodle LMS hosting environmentl  Now we are implementing a 10 week (20 module) set of courses.  For example, HTML, CSS and JavaScript modules make up one course.

We have branded this effort "BDPA Academy". The new website name is http://BDPA.Academy

BDPA Academy is NOT THE HIGH SCHOOL COMPUTER COMPETITION (HSCC) in any way, shape or form. It is a set of courses that can be used as a feeder to HSCC over time by harvesting excited students interested in deepening their options, education, and career in programming. It is a great way to engage new learners and give them options in IT.

It is also intended to help chapters establish a consistent & sustainable SITES program without losing intellectual training property every time a volunteer turns over. It is also a way to provide membership value and add to the many BDPA opportunities to donate and join.

Here is our roll-out schedule:
  • Spring 2015: we introduce Level 1-HTML/CSS/JavaScript.
  • Fall 2015:  we build out a Level 2-JavaScript, algorithm, database - type course and release it for Spring 2016. Yet another HSCC prep course for you to leverage.
  • Spring 2016: we offer a Level 3 set of language and application integration courses that you could use to identify your future participants for either the comprehensive SITES program or the more specific HSCC program.  Level 3 focus would be on C#, PhP and Java.
  • Fall 2016: we will seek certification either from the IT industry or self-certification. The curriculum will leverage resources that provide certificates (such as W3Schools).  Chapters or students may initially select to subsidize these certificates but we hope current efforts by some chapters will help refine and deliver this collaboratively in time.
The beauty of BDPA Academy is we'll also expand offerings beyond just programming to facilitate other areas of IT ...  such as cyber security, infrastructure, hardware, OS, mobile tech, Google, office productivity and more.

This is your personal invitation to join the February 2015 launch.

What we need to deploy the BDPA Academy in your chapter is as simple as 1-2-3:
  1. A physical location with 5-10 computers
  2. A truly dependable and dedicated teacher with HTML/CSS experience *and* an assistant.
  3. A willingness to "facilitate learning" of the curriculum and provide feedback along the way to BDPA Academy so we can refine and create a rock solid platform for national release in 2016.
If your SITES program is already solid then please keep up the awesome work! If you think there is value for your SITES program, this could be part of a two-year strategy to build a great program and feed HSCC team.

If your SITES program is solid ... but you struggle with a pipeline of students each year or have a willing volunteer teacher but no course structure then consider taking this out to a community center like a Boys & Girls club and use it to impact even more youth. This will deepen their membership passion and value as BDPA.

We hope to enroll 100 new students in the 2015 BDPA Academy.   We want to double that number to 1,000 in the 2016 BDPA Academy.

This invite is sent to Midwest presidents for the launch year. As your regional officers, it is extremely important Eric and I provide you with options and opportunities to grow and strengthen your chapter. Many of you as well as other leaders in BDPA have shared this vision. Eric and I are proud to be in our roles to see this through as your regional team.

Please contact me directly ( if you have questions or wish to discuss further.  I'm very interested to know if you think this is of interest within your chapter!

Michael Wulf, vice president
BDPA Midwest Region
Twitter: @MichaelGWulf

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Throwback Thursday: 1986 National BDPA Technology Conference

This picture taken during the 8th Annual National BDPA Technology Conference held in 1986 at the Atlanta Peachtree Plaza hotel.

L-R: Earl Pace (founder), Larry Calloway (1986 BDPA Atlanta chapter president), Juanita Goss (1986 BDPA conference director), Joshua Smith (Keynote Speaker), Sheryl Gipson Franklin (1991-1992 BDPA Atlanta chapter president) and Norman Mays (past national president).

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hewlett-Packard Sponsors Plenary Session at 2015 BDPA Technology Conference

BDPA Platinum sponsor Hewlett-Packard agreed to sponsor the lunchtime plenary session on Thursday, August 20, 2015 at the 37th Annual BDPA Technology Conference in Washington DC. HP has a long and glorious history with BDPA that include being named BDPA Corporation of the Year in 2011.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Humana Foundation

The Humana Foundation funds and nurtures projects and nonprofit organizations in communities where the company has a meaningful presence, including locations in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, and Puerto Rico.

Support is provided in three fields:
  1. domestic and international health
  2. education, and civic
  3. cultural development
Proposals are reviewed from January 1 to October 15, annually in Louisville, KY and until November 15, annually in other geographic areas. Visit the website for a list of eligible communities and online application information.

BETF is interested in partnering with a local chapter on a joint grant proposal to Humana Foundation. Please review their website and let me know if your chapter is interested in applying for funding from this foundation.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

BDPA Cincinnati Launches 2015 Technology Initiative for High School Students

BDPA Cincinnati chapter announces the opening of the 2015 Student Information Technology Education and Scholarship (SITES) program. The SITES program offers cutting edge technology training to areas High School and College Students. 2015 is the 19th year for SITES program in Cincinnati. The program will begin on January 10, 2015 at Cincinnati State Technical College. Students can preview the program content and complete the application for training sessions on the web site.

The SITES program contains four (4) opportunities for students to win college scholarships:

Computer Camp - a disciplined 13 week program for students in 8th thru 12th grades. The computer camp covers Visual Basic Applications, Mobile Phone Applications, Web Development, Programming Automation Controllers, Robotics, 3D Printing, Internet Of Things, Information Technology Theory, Computer History, and Professional Development. This training provides students with IT theory and hands-on activities as well as exposure to leading technical professionals in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas.

High School Computer Competition (HSCC) - National BDPA High School Computer Competition (HSCC) was founded in 1986. It's designed to introduce our youth to the field of Information Technology, challenge their learnings, encourage them to seek higher levels of education, and groom many of them to become our next generation of IT professionals. HSCC is a 28-week program that prepares students to compete in a 3-part competition (oral, written and programming) that demonstrates IT prowess. Students are taught to master ASP.NET Programming, JavaScript Programming, Structured Query Language (SQL), MySQL Database and Microsoft Visual Studio in a succinct and efficient manner. Students are coached on working effectively in teams, team building, leadership, and academic discipline. The top performers in this competition are awarded college scholarships at the National BDPA Conference in addition to any local chapter recognition or awards.

IT Showcase - The BDPA Information Technology (IT) Showcase allows high school (and college) students to present and demonstrate their research. The presentations represent advanced computing and technical topics presented to an audience of African American PhDs. Top students are awarded college scholarships at the National BDPA Conference.

Mobile Application Showcase - The National BDPA Mobile Application Showcase allows students to test their talents developing a working Mobile Application that can run on an Android platform. The applications being showcased represent business, personal productivity or gaming. Each category will have stringent requirements to be met in advance to the showcase. The top winners of this showcase are awarded college scholarships at the National BDPA Conference.

BDPA Cincinnati students earned $16,525 in college scholarships during 2014. BDPA seeks new high school students in each of these programs in 2015. Contact the chapter by email (, phone (513.549-6991) or the web ( for more details.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cognizant Making the Future After-School and Summer Program

Cognizant awards grants to child-serving U.S. non-profit organizations wishing to run after-school, in-school and summer Maker programs. Programs must support our mission to inspire young learners in the STEM disciplines by providing fun, hands-on learning opportunities.

Developed in partnership with the Maker Education Initiative and the New York Hall of Science, the program provides grants to community organizations to run hands-on, Maker-Movement inspired programs in an after-school or summer-camp setting. Cognizant believes that Maker activities not only engage and excite kids but can spark interest in STEM and the arts, as well as develop their creative capabilities. Maker programs include a diverse range of STEM topics, including electronics, robotics, computer programming, digital fabrication, 3-D printing and wearable technology.

Making the Future grants can cover costs for tools, materials, instructor fees, and other expenses essential to meeting the needs of the children participating in the program. Download grant application and guidelines.

Deadline: November 15