Monday, October 5, 2015

Message from the BDPA Cincinnati Chapter President

Dalric Webb

As we begin the 4th quarter of 2015, your BDPA Cincinnati Chapter is still GOING STRONG! The leadership team has held several key strategic meetings with sponsors and supporters in the last month to build and sustain chapter operations, improve the way the chapter operates and return value to our members, sponsors and supporters. Most important, our chapter seeks to drive improvements into the programs we deliver that improve the diversity numbers in STEM “from the classroom to the boardroom”.

BDPA Cincinnati continues to sit atop of the National BDPA list as the LARGEST BDPA Chapter in the nation for its 6th consecutive month! Congratulations to all as each of you make this chapter great. I do hope you are engaged with the chapter in not only your membership, but what you desire from the chapter. We are only as strong as each of your engagement efforts – so let us know how we can help you get more engaged!

Speaking of engagement, I hope you are planning to show your support by either attending our upcoming Education Banquet on October 24, 2015 at Receptions Conference Center.  Our keynote speaker for the evening will be LISNR chief executive officer Rodney Williams. You can purchase a ticket or buy an ad in our program booklet. Brenda Hogan (Duke Energy) is again leading our annual recognition ceremony highlighting the students who committed themselves to over 28 weeks of hands-on training EVERY SATURDAY and went on to compete in the National BDPA National High School Computer Competition championship held a few weeks ago in Washington DC. Also, we take some time at this education banquet to recognize the hard working volunteers who make this chapter so successful! Please be a part of this celebration. It is a great night of networking and appreciation for our efforts at making a difference in the lives of many in our communities. I hope to see you there.

As we turn towards the fall, the BDPA leadership team is planning ahead for 2016! Under the direction of Vice President, Strategy and Planning, Norman Phillips (Procter & Gamble), the team has scheduled the 2016 Strategy and Planning meeting for October 25, 2015. At this planning session, the team will put together the short and long-term planning that will take the BDPA Cincinnati Chapter to the next level of impact in our community! Under the careful leadership of our President-Elect Na'Shawnda Peterson (GE Aviation), our chapter is poised to increase the impact of our operations in 2016. All are welcomed to attend, however your RSVP is required to properly account for food. If interested in attending, please send me an email to confirm your attendance.

Another engagement opportunity is the program meeting which happens the 3rd Wednesday of every month at Brown Mackie College in Woodlawn. This month, we have the honor and pleasure of hosting Vince Kilian  (Marxent) to discuss 'The Future of Augmented and Virtual Reality' on October 21, 2015. Marxent is the leader in virtual reality and augmented reality product visualization for sales and marketing. This promises to be a VERY exciting and engaging networking opportunity you do not want to miss! Register today as these events are expected to sell out. Oh, and when you come to the program meeting, BE SURE TO BRING YOUR RESUME! There are always two or more recruiters in the room ACTIVELY seeking candidates for employment. Attending a program meeting could be just the game changing activity you have been looking for!

Finally, how are you feeling about your membership? Did I mention that YOUR local chapter is the largest in the nation out of 47 chapters? Did you receive your most recent issue of Diversity Comm at your home address? Have you had a chance to read through some of the articles? Which article struck a chord with you? Didn’t get your copy? Reach out to our VP-Membership Management to make sure we have your correct mailing address in the database. Do you know the Vice Presidents for your Chapter? Do you know how to reach any of the board members? When was the last time you visited the National BDPA website at Do you like the changes you see? Do you have any recommendations on how to improve the site or provide more information to our members? We need your engagement!

Everyone has something they can contribute to making our chapter even better! Have a little time (less than 5 hours per month) on your hands? Consider joining the board. There are still a few openings available and we can certainly use your help. Take a look around the chapter home at and read some of the job descriptions for the available leadership positions. You will find we are a fun group of professionals committed to making a difference in our local communities.

Looking forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events!

Dalric Webb, President
BDPA Cincinnati Chapter

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Kayleah Bradley Uses Johnson & Johnson Scholarship at Middle Tennessee State University

Kayleah Bradley
Johnson and Johnson announced eight (8) winners of the scholarship offered to BDPA Students. One of the winners is Kayleah Bradley. Kayleah is a sophomore at Middle Tennessee State University where she is pursuing a degree in Professional Chemistry.

Kayleah was born in Springfield, Illinois but has lived in Brentwood, Tennessee for nine years. She enjoys running, baking and volunteering in her spare time. When she was two, she decided that she wanted to become a doctor. The main reason for that decision was her love of helping people and the smell of hospital soap. As she grew older, she realized her joy of helping children. So, she did some research and found that a doctor for children is called a pediatrician. As she found out more and more information about this career path, she decided that was her purpose. Therefore, after graduating from college she plans on attending medical school and becoming a pediatrician. In the future, she would also like to run a pediatrics practice.
"My most memorable moment in BDPA is receiving this scholarship. This scholarship allows me to continue my education to accomplish my dream," said Kayleah. "I am just learning about BDPA, therefore, I have not yet experienced any of the competitions. I plan on getting more involved in BDPA soon. I am positive that BDPA will be an extraordinary experience, and I will gain many skills and friends along the way."

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Believe in Ohio: 'Mentoring Matters ... Alisa's Story'

I am a student at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio and became aware of a mentoring program there through the Black American Council. My mentor has helped me both professionally and personally. He ensured that I stayed on track with all of my math courses to achieve my Associate Degree.

My mentor also introduced me to the National Technical Association (NTA), the nation’s oldest professional organization supporting minorities in engineering and technology. Through NTA I am deeply involved with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and participate in robotics competitions, STEM presentations along with other activities that help prepare me for science careers. With the help of my mentor, by engaging in the programs that my mentor helps provide, I’ve grown a great deal in STEM knowledge and experience.

Importantly, my mentor inspires me by the way he gives back to the community. One day, thanks to the example that my mentor shows through his support, dedication and passion, I will mentor other students so they can also follow the path of a great journey to success.

Alisa Smith, Computer Network Technology Student
Cuyahoga Community College
Cleveland, Ohio

Alisa’s story is why we need mentors. The Urban STEM Mentoring Network is designed to assist high school students for only 1 hour per month. Click on to assist the Alisa’s in our community.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Kunle Roberts Reflects on Bank of America Scholarship for BDPA Students

Kunle Roberts
Kunle Roberts was a member of the High School Computer Competition (HSCC) teams trained by BDPA Southern Minnesota in 2006-2008. He was part of two national HSCC championship teams (2007-2008) and the other team took home a silver medal (2006).

Kunle earned many scholarships for his efforts within BDPA including the Jesse Bemley Scholarship issued by the BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF).   Kunle learned about the Bank of America Scholarship for BDPA Students while he was gaining his STEM experiences with BDPA. He became one of the first recipients of that college scholarship funded by Bank of America.  He used the scholarship to further his education at Rice University.

We asked Kunle to reflect on the impact that the scholarship had on the direction of his college and professional career. Here is what he had to say:

"My experience in BDPA was instrumental in my development as a young adult. The organization, from the local to the national level, has supported me throughout my entire high school and college career. I am very thankful for this great organization and all that they have accomplished to enrich the youth of today. By collaborating with Bank of America, they have found yet another way to provide support and recognition to individuals like myself. As higher education gets more and more expensive, scholarships such as the Bank of America scholarship are an absolute blessing and a motivation to continue to succeed. I ask that you continue your partnership with BDPA to truly enrich the lives of students and provide them with additional support to reach their goals. I am extremely grateful for what I received from Bank of America and BDPA, and I really hope that others get the same chance to benefit."

BETF is hopeful that Bank of America will consider renewing its funding of these college scholarships for exceptional BDPA student members in 2016. If not, we hope that other corporations or entrepreneurs will consider working with us to significantly increase the quantity of college scholarships that we provide to young people interested in careers within the IT industry.

You've heard Kunle's story. What say u?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

BDPA iRadio Show: September 22, 2015 (Adrian Ables, Haron Arama)

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) is very proud to be the creator of the BDPA iRadio Show. You can listen to the archive version of the show using the widget shown in the right-hand sidebar of this blog. FREE download from the iTunes Store is also available for our listeners!

Check Out Technology Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with BDPA on BlogTalkRadio

The guest on the September 22nd show:

Adrian Ables
Adrian Ables - college student, Depauw University - Adrian Ables is a senior at DePauw University.  He won the Johnson & Johnson Scholarship for BDPA Students. Adrian was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He has lived with his family in Oklahoma for most of his life. His passion has always been soccer ever since he was a little kid. He loves reaching out to his community and teaching kids how to play soccer. He teaches young people that they need to work hard on and off the field. Adrian is the captain of the soccer team at DePauw University. Adrian drove to Cincinnati earlier this summer to participate in the BDPA Midwest Regional IT Showcase. He competed in the 13th annual BDPA IT Showcase in Washington DC last month. His topic focused on social media and how it can positively impact the workplace infrastructure, communication, and environment. Our BDPA iRadio Show listeners would like to hear about Adrian's experience at the BDPA conference and how he plans to use his JnJ college scholarship funding.

Haron Arama
Hank Arama - High School Computer Competition Alumni, BDPA Southern Minnesota - Haron Arama is a senior at John Marshall High School in Rochester, Minnesota. He was part of the team trained by BDPA Southern Minnesota to participate in the 2015 National BDPA High School Computer Competition (HSCC) championship held in Washington DC. His team came in 4th place and earned him a Dr. Jesse Bemley Scholarship. Our audience will be interested in learning more about the training that Haron was part of in Rochester as well as his experiences during the week of the conference.

We hope you enjoy the insights and commentary on the show from each of these guests. Please take a moment to post a comment to let us know that you care!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Message from BDPA Indianapolis Chapter President

Terry Morris
This year the National BDPA organization celebrated 40 years in Washington, D.C. at our annual technology conference. Over this period, BDPA has been leveraging local chapters across the country to support the professional development of their respective memberships, engage the youth of their community in STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math) activities, and promote minority interest and exposure to innovative technologies. BDPA Indianapolis is checking all of these boxes and creating others.

One of the primary areas of focus for BDPA Indianapolis has been our youth engagement. Last year our leadership team focused on creating a vision to “empower our youth in a high tech world”.

This year we have made bold steps to realize this vision as seen through our HSCC Accelerator, the HSCC competition team, and the IT Showcase student sponsorship. Each of these examples are discussed in more depth throughout this newsletter. We are currently working with Eli Lilly and the IUPUI School of Informatics to develop and implement a program for elementary age students at the Joyce Kilmer Academy.

As it related to our professional development agenda, we have been having a banner year with great content and excellent attendance. We have continued our focus on SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud). Part of our Professional Development strategy is showcasing great technology firms in the Indianapolis area. So far we have visited the likes of Interactive Intelligence, IBM, and Eli Lilly. We have two remaining sessions planned this year where we intend to visit Allegient and Apparatus. They will be discussing “Analytics” and the “Internet of Things (IoT)” respectively.

In addition to our core program delivery, we have had a record number of members (80+) and our local chapter financial sponsorship support has doubled this year.

In short, BDPA Indianapolis is on the move. We are aggressively seeking to make a difference in our community and deliver outcomes for Indianapolis youth and our professionals.

Terry Morris, president
BDPA Indianapolis Chapter

Friday, September 25, 2015

Gabrielle Taylor Uses Her JnJ Scholarship to Study Computer Science at Tuskegee University

Gabrielle Taylor
Johnson and Johnson announced eight (8) winners of the scholarship offered to BDPA Students. One of the winners is Gabrielle Rochelle Taylor. Gabrielle is a member of our BDPA Greater Birmingham chapter. She is a sophomore at Tuskegee University where she is pursuing a Masters in Computer Science. Gabrielle is passionate about Tuskegee University and has devoted her time and effort to help make Tuskegee an even better place. During her freshman year, Gabrielle was the Executive Secretary of the Tuskegee Events Committee, participated on the Tuskegee Treasury Committee, organized campus events, and served as campaign manager on two successful campaigns. She is a member of the Tuskegee Honors Program and the Tuskegee Leadership Program while serving on several active committees.

During the summer of 2015 Gabrielle had the opportunity to serve as a Lead Mentor in the National Society of Black Engineers' SEEK Program. In this program she mentored third grade students and taught them about engineering by having them construct toys using engineering concepts.
Gabrielle wrote, "BDPA has impacted my life and future career by allowing me to be a part of this dynamic organization and providing me with scholarships. BDPA as an international organization has many connections and developmental opportunities that will help to advance my career aspirations. I believe that BDPA will continue to provide me with wonderful programs to increase my knowledge and skills in Computer Science."
Gabrielle will become a software engineer and write software that aid in the development of Artificial Intelligence. She enjoys speaking Spanish and plans to pursue her dream of missionary work in Latin America. As a result of her passion for learning other languages, she plans to develop a deciphering program which will make translating more accessible and simple. Gabrielle knows that her passion for Computer Science will grant her opportunities to help others and make their lives better. She is eager to see where Computer Science will take her and how she will make a difference.
"BDPA offers education, mentoring, support, and networking opportunities to tech savvy students like myself. I plan to take advantage of every opportunity because I know that each one will allow me to refine my skills with different technologies," said Gabrielle. "With the help of BDPA I know that one day I will be able to successfully develop technical solutions that will help many people."

Sunday, September 20, 2015

I AM Going to College Too! Film

Overview of film:

I AM Going to College Too!

I have long envisioned creating an infrastructure that helps in preparing all that want to attend college or get information on college the opportunity to do so.  I created the film to show that the audience for attending college is not just the typical high school seniors and juniors, but rather anyone.  The audience for college can be high school students, parents, dropouts, GED graduates, both traditional (18-24) and nontraditional students (25-and over), special needs (handicap, hearing impaired, learning disabilities, etc), individuals with felons, and senior citizens. 
It hurts seeing so many students whom have the potential to attend college, not do so due to lack of information or knowledge.  My goal is a platform to help boost college preparation for anyone seeking to attend college.  A mind is a terrible thing to waste and everyone should feel they have the ability to learn and become whoever they want to be.  They should not be limited to their circumstances or what others opinions may be of them.  In essence this allows everyone to obtain valuable knowledge.
Click link below to view the film: 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Believe in Ohio: 'Creating Creators'

Management consulting guru, Peter Drucker, famously said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.

What if I told you that you could be an enabler who helps “create creators”? Would you be interested? STEM careers and entrepreneurship create jobs, create economies, and create the future.

That’s why we are looking for 100 mentors in the next 100 days to be a part of the Urban STEM Mentoring Network. Our mission is to find mentors to guide urban students to be “creators” and not just consumers.

We have students waiting for you.

Urban youth are consumers – consumers of products, consumers of fashion, consumers of the idea that they may be limited by their environment and situation. The Urban STEM Mentoring Network was started to help broaden that perspective.

I need STEM professionals and entrepreneurs, like you, to help make a change. The next Grace Hopper (invented COBOL programming language), John Thompson (not the basketball coach, but the Microsoft Chairman), Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg, could be waiting for you in Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo and Cincinnati to help them become creators.

In as little as 1 hour per month, you can support a motivated student along the path of job creation. Your task will be to simply coach a young person through a scripted process – the Roadmap to Future Jobs & Prosperity - to prepare them to compete for hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash awards and scholarships.

Yes, this can be done in about 1 hour per month.

The Believe in Ohio Urban STEM Mentoring Network Team is ready to assist you to be the one to help “create creators” in our urban centers.

Click on to get the process started today!