Monday, January 7, 2008

Afrosphere Encourages Black Voter Participation

Barack Obama won the Iowa caucus. Hillary Clinton came back with a victory in the New Hampshire primary. Our response is simple. We demonstrate by our vote that we support this tremendous opportunity for change.

In order to make change ... we must vote. In order to vote ... we must be registered.

We want to encourage every person of African descent in our country to make a pledge to be vote this year. If you own a blog ... then we encourage you to grab the Proud Black Voter badge and post it for your readers to see. Let's ensure that everyone is clear about the process for registering to vote in all 50 states.

Kudos to Mrs. Grapevine, Villager and Yobachi for putting sails to this idea. BETF-Blog Readers, what say u? Are you a Proud Black Voter in 2008?

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Unknown said...

35 states have voted; 15 to go. Have you already voted in the primaries... or is your time coming?