Monday, August 23, 2010

Grant Declination: Prudential Foundation (Philadelphia)

BDPA Philadelphia chapter and BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) sent a letter of inquiry to the Prudential Foundation recently. We hoped that they would allow us to submit a comprehensive grant proposal seeking funds for the BDPA youth education programs in Philadelphia.

Our hopes were dashed when we received the following message:

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your recent inquiry for support (Grant Request # 25190) from The Prudential Foundation. Please know that your request was given careful consideration as it relates to the Foundation's guidelines and funding priorities. Unfortunately, at this time, it has been determined that we are unable to provide the support requested.

While we appreciate the value of your organization and its work, the large number of inquires received annually, coupled with the Foundation's on-going obligations and long-term commitments, necessitate that we decline many worthy requests. Our decision is not in any way a reflection on the quality or value of your program.

We are grateful for the time and effort that has been invested in preparing this request, and we appreciate your dedication to addressing the issues that impact the lives of those we care deeply about.

We wish you every success and hope you are able to secure the funding you need to advance the work of your organization.

Dayna Layton Claxton

I knew we were in bad shape when she addressed her message with "Dear Applicant"!

Anyhow, BETF will continue to seek funding for BDPA Philadelphia chapter. If you think that you want to help us provide scholarships for our young people then please consider making a secure online donation right now. Doable?

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