Friday, September 21, 2007

HSCC Testimonial: Stephanie Lampkin (2000)

Hat-Tip to Gerald Peppers for providing us with an update on Stephanie Lampkin (HSCC Alumni, Class of 2000). Stephanie recently graduated from Stanford University. She is now working as a Technical Account Manager in Microsoft's Essential Support Division. This is one of the intangible benefits experienced by Microsoft as a Platinum-level corporate sponsor of BDPA.

Sometimes the members and leaders of BDPA get tired. Being a volunteer can be tiring at times, especially when we think that our work is unappreciated. I imagine that the volunteer leaders of the HSCC program in Washington DC during 2000 may have been disappointed in the poor performance of their team at the national competition.

However, their volunteer hours were like seeds being planted in the wilderness. One of those seeds ... Stephanie Lampkin ... is growing strong now. BDPA Washington DC chapter leaders are to be commended for their tireless work on behalf of our young people.

In fact, the efforts of Stephanie and her teammates back in 2000 were the legacy of the 2007 HSCC team from Washington DC (see photo). These young people took home Silver Medal in this year's national competition. Each of the students from the 2007 team won $2,000 Bemley Scholarships and they are eligible for $3,000 Eli Lilly Scholarships.

Stephanie's work as a high school senior back in 2000 was not in vain. In fact, a few years ago, Stephanie shared her HSCC testimonial with us. She wrote,

"As my junior year in college steadily approaches, my experiences involved in BDPA’s HSCC-DC as a junior in high school seem more like fond childhood memories. I’m sure most think I can still be considered a 'child' and wonder how much could have possibly changed in less than four years. Well, contrary to what most think, a lot has changed and in the next four years even more will change because I’m on the fast track.

However, I can’t nearly take all the credit for what I’ve accomplished because there have been organizations such as BDPA and the amazingly altruistic people involved who have helped me stay on the right track and focus my energies in areas most beneficial to my future. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t hesitate to say that BDPA was the first organization to reach out to me and provide me with the tools necessary to lay down the foundation of which I will continually build upon to reach my goals in life.

My passion for computers and technology are what initially drew me into the HSCC program and what I took away from the experience was more than I expected. Though our team did not perform well during the competitions, it did not take away from the empowerment and encouragement I felt when I saw hundreds of African American professional women and men representing success, leadership, and cultural responsibility. People who were committed to ensuring that kids like me, who did not come from the most uplifting environments, would still have the opportunity to explore a vastly growing field with endless possibilities.

From that point on I knew I wanted to be one of those sharp professional Black women who didn’t let the obstacles of their race or gender hinder their path towards success in an industry where they are disproportionately underrepresented."

Click here for the rest of her testimonial

I hope that Stephanie or others from Microsoft, Stanford, BDPA Washington DC chapter or elsewhere that are moved by this testimonial will POST COMMENTS and share their thoughts with us here on the BETF-Blog!

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