Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BDPA Legacy: Edwin Sapp

UPDATE: Edwin Sapp announced his resignation as national vice-president (Strategy & Planning). Edwin Sapp is a long-time BDPA warrior. His vision, passion and leadership on the national BDPA board of directors will be missed!

We shared the names of the incoming National BDPA leadership with BETF-Blog Readers earlier. We plan to share the bios for the individual members of that leadership team over the coming days and weeks. Edwin Sapp is the first one to be featured. Edwin was confimred as the Vice President, Strategy & Planning for 2008-2009. His business area is responsible for BDPA Competencies & Skills 2012, Annual Strategic Planning, Strategy Realization Office SRO, and Future State Organization.

Edwin is a Marketing Executive for Global Consultants, which specializes in working with small-to-medium sized businesses to execute business development processes, launch technology marketing programs and manage projects. He has over twenty-five years in high-tech. In several capacities he has had responsibility for million dollar projects; managed business process reengineering programs; led multi-cultural multi-ethnic project teams; delivered international technical sales seminars; and mentored technical and business professionals.

His concentration on small to medium sized enterprises is in the deep belief that they will need early on processes and best practices which take them to the next level--effectively and profitably. He enhanced a technical desktop seminar in Japan and Australia for a renowned computer analyst firm by providing greater insight into the competitive positioning of IBM, SUN and Digital using current account management practices and tactics for sales, marketing and strategic partners.

Edwin redesigned a software tools enterprise’s business process resulting in a 20% revenue improvement and a 5-10% increase in profitability while helping distribution channels. He Chaired a Support Council - TQM (Total Quality Management) Initiative. Using 4GL tools and high-performance team concepts, the Council accelerated the communications, information sharing and decision-making of a multi-cultural cross-functional enterprise-wide global organization.

A native of Miami, Florida, Mr. Sapp was graduated from Howard University in Washington, DC with a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology. From Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, he received a BS in Management Information Systems and participated in executive level residential programs including one with Babson College.

I have known Edwin since he joined the BDPA family in Aug 1995. His leadership positions in BDPA include BDPA Boston Metrowest chapter president, vice president and secretary. On a national level he has worked within both our Corporate Relations Department and Strategic Planning Department. Edwin is a very progressive brother with a structured approach to leadership and strategic planning.

Please take a moment to welcome Edwin to his new gig as our National VPSP! Edwin, if you are reading this post ... click here to join the BDPA Group on LinkedIn Network.

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Villager said...

Someone tell Edwin to come over and share his thoughts about 2008 with us! Any Boston-area readers on our blog?