Monday, November 3, 2008

National BDPA Board of Directors Meeting (4Q-2008, Orlando)

UPDATE: There were actually three separate meetings in Orlando. Chapter presidents had powerful meeting on Friday night. Chapter high school computer competition (HSCC) completed their annual meeting and made some decisions about the curriculum and rules for the 2009 event. Finally, the National BDPA Board of Directors had a very productive meeting on Saturday.

The BDPA Foundation Executive Director is a member of the National BDPA Board of Directors (NBOD). The NBOD meets quarterly. The 4th quarter meeting is being held in Orlando, Florida on October 31 - November 2, 2008.

NBOD meetings are open to any BDPA member. I hope that we see many of the Orlando chapter members in attendance.

I am aware that BDPA Orlando chapter seeks to renew enthusiasm and support from the IT community. This is a wonderful opportunity that the chapter should leverage as much as possible over the weeks leading up to the NBOD meeting.

I encourage all BDPA leaders to reach out to the new Orlando chapter president and offer your support, encouragement and ideas!

Logistical fact sheet for the NBOD meeting can be found here.

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