Friday, September 2, 2011

Milken Family Foundation

In 1982, Michael and Lowell Milken established the Milken Family Foundation (MFF). Its purpose is to discover inventive ways of helping people help themselves and those around them to lead productive and satisfying lives. Developing human potential through education and protecting human well-being through the channels of medicine are the chief means by which the Foundation pursues this aim.

Chief among the many ways these initiatives advance the Foundation's goals are:
  • By recognizing and stimulating outstanding achievement in education and medicine by means of major financial awards and professional development opportunities
  • By researching and implementing programs to improve the quality of teaching and education available to students
  • By supporting the research that is essential to solving many of society's worst problems.
Although approximately 80% of the Foundation's funding is directed toward its own initiatives, the Foundation accepts applications for funding from outside organizations that share our mission.

Applicants should submit a brief written statement that includes:
  • Description of project, goals, procedure and personnel
  • Brief background of organization
  • A letter of exemption from the Internal Revenue Service
The written statement should not exceed three pages, however applicants may include supporting printed material. Requests are considered throughout the year. If your grant is approved you will be notified. Applicants whose grants have not been approved by December 31 may wish to submit a proposal for consideration in the following year. There is no need to contact the Foundation since you will be notified if any further information is required.

Applications should be directed to:

Richard Sandler, Executive Vice President
Milken Family Foundation
1250 Fourth Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401-1353

BETF is willing to partner with BDPA (local chapter or national) on letter of inquiry to Milken Family Foundation. Reply to this post if you are interested in working with BETF on a grant application.

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