Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Take Five: Jamesetta James (BDPA Greater Columbia)

Jamesetta James has worked the past few years as the national coordinator of the BDPA Youth Technology Camp (YTC).  Earlier this year she provided her review of the 2011 YTC experience in Chicago. She has had a positive impact on hundreds of young people over the years and we thought it would be good to hear from Jamesetta as part of our Take Five interview series:

  1. How did you get involved with BDPA? - My first involvement with BDPA was assisting Mildred Allen in coordinating the YTC presenters and workshops for the 2010 conference in Philadelphia.
  2. What is the most rewarding aspect of working with BDPA? - The most rewarding aspect of working with BDPA is seeing immediate results with the workshops that the students are involved in whether it be soft skills or developing new IT skills. The students are immediately equipped with knowledge that can be applied to their currents studies.
  3. Can you share a 'success story' about any of your past HSCC students? - Although this is my first year working with the high school computer competition (HSCC) students from the Greater Columbia Chapter, the success I witnessed was how the veteran HSCC students embraced the new members of the team. Great leadership skills were displayed and one great lesson observed was that team work was always the focal point in their preparation for the 2011 HSCC competition.
  4. What would future evolution or change would you like to see in BDPA's STEM-based training? - STEM based programs are very isolated in how it operates for each BDPA chapter. Unfortunately, this problem exists for school districts as well. The change I would like to see is the way that the training is implemented. The STEM base training curriculum should be transparent in such that is the format used by all chapters. The universal repository of technology resources created by Zack Garbow is truly is an excellent starting point. To ensure that BDPA students are receiving the STEM training parallel to the school district STEM curriculum I think that partnerships should be formed between the school district or districts and the BDPA chapter.
  5. Any advice for people considering a donation to BETF? - One advise for individuals, company's or corporation that are considering a donation to BETF is to visit one BDPA training class. They will witness immediate return on their investment. Seeing the skills that students, from all grade levels, gain through the training provided by the chapters will demonstrate why our donors should continue their support in BDPA's efforts.

I appreciate Jamesetta for the work that she has been doing for BDPA on a local and national level. She recently joined a number of YTC students on a special edition of the BDPA iRadio Show. Click here to listen to the archive version of the Youth Technology Camp iRadio Show!

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