Friday, December 27, 2013

Delta Air Lines Foundation

Delta Air Lines Foundation continually strives to be a respected community partner in the neighborhoods where they do business and live. Through the Delta Air Lines Foundation and Sponsorship & Promotional Marketing areas, Delta seeks partnership opportunities that will increase brand awareness and loyalty, generate revenue, communicate customer benefits and new Delta products/services, and support positive community involvement.

Because of the large number of proposals they receive and limited resources we have to support them, all requests must be submitted via this website at least 90 days prior to the event for consideration. To submit a proposal, you will need to create an account and complete the questionnaire. All requests must include the following for consideration: Advertising/media plans, hospitality and event exposure opportunities, cost/benefits, and exclusivity in the airline category.

Once a proposal has been submitted, an acknowledgment email will be sent to your in-box.  Delta will review your proposal and determine if your opportunity is a strategic fit, and will respond to all proposals within 4 weeks of submission.

This seems like a great funding source for any chapter that requires air transportation to attend a regional or national conference.

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1ma2t said...

It is most unfortunate that the Delta Air Lines Foundation cancelled its matching funds program whereby matching percentage grants accompanied donations by employees and retirees to the colleges and universities in their donations to colleges and universities. Since there is no commercial value to Delta in the process, the Foundation stated that because of low interest, it stopped doing so. This is not a kind action and in the view of many - a sad reflection on the intent of philanthropy.