Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy Anniversary: BDPA Cincinnati Chapter

BDPA Cincinnati chapter was founded in December 1989 when several African American IT professionals were approached at HP (formerly Digital Equipment Corporation) by BDPA Dayton chapter president Bill Maynard.  Bill wanted them to start a BDPA chapter in the city of Cincinnati.  After researching the organization and discussing the great opportunities that BDPA could bring to Black IT professionals in Cincinnati ... the challenge was accepted!

The charter group of visionaries began the search for chapter support by targeting technology-based individuals in the City of Cincinnati.  The strategy was to approach individuals affiliated with the Fortune-500 based companies in the area.  The discussions with these corporations focused on the needs and potential value of such an organization as BDPA.

The discussions with the Cincinnati business community were successful.   Everett Gregory, Neal Johnson, Brenda Johnson, Charles Cooper and Gina Billings were delighted with the BDPA Cincinnati chapter concept and what it would bring to the African American community.  They made the official request that National BDPA accept a charter as a new chapter.  The charter was approved in December 1989 ... and BDPA Cincinnati chapter was officially formed.

Chapter's Past Presidents
BDPA Cincinnati chapter has been very successful over the years.  The chapter has been recognized for its many community outreach programs and membership development.  The success of the chapter is a result of the efforts of chapter volunteers, supporters and sponsors.   The accomplishments were helped by the leaders that served on the chapter's board of directors and corporate advisory council over the years.  These people quietly and consistently gave their time, talent and energy to build up BDPA Cincinnati as a premier organization within the technology community.   These men and women of all races, ages and genders made a commitment to excellence with their BDPA involvement.  BDPA Cincinnati chapter will continue to grow, prosper and provide support to the membership and the community.

Join us in celebrating the 24th anniversary of BDPA Cincinnati chapter!
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