Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Message from Columbus Chapter President

Greetings BDPA Members,

BDPA is off to a new year and new beginnings as I step into the role of President for the next 2 years. I am excited and honored to lead the Columbus Chapter to higher heights, new initiatives and re-investment strategies into the BDPA members and community. I am committed to enhancing the BDPA brand and establishing a greater footprint in the community.

BDPA Columbus has made many great accomplishments, with Information Exchanges, HSCC and many other initiatives that make this chapter great. As the new President, I am calling on all BDPA members to join me in the continued efforts to make this the best BDPA Chapter. I not only need your support but your participation in the success of this organization. You have made an investment in BDPA because you believe it's efforts and success. I am asking for all of you to join me in making 2011 a very prosperous and effective year for BDPA; lets ensure a high ROI on your investments.

This year we all have lots of exciting work to do together; we will be enhancing our HSCC program, creating new corporate relationships, participating in community activities, building a large membership and implementing new programs and initiatives. I hope you are just as excited about this as I am.

BDPA Columbus is a great organization and will be a greater one in 2011.

Have a wonderful New Year!
Deborah E. Smedley, MIS
Chapter President
BDPA Columbus

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