Wednesday, February 29, 2012

BDPA iRadio Show: Angela Bryant (BDPA Indianapolis)

Angela Bryant
BDPA iRadio Show interviewed BDPA Indianapolis chapter president Angela Bryant on October 25, 2011.

BDPA Indianapolis chapter is one of the best-run chapters in the nation. They quietly have built a very effective organization that regularly competes in the National BDPA High School Computer Competition championship. The chapter has a strong program that attracts a large number of students (especially young women) and members into leadership positions. Also, the chapter has a very strong partnership with Fortune 100 company Eli Lilly. Eli Lilly provides scholarships, funding and mentorship for Angela and her chapter. These are all 'best practices' that Angela shared in her interview on BDPA iRadio Show.

The host of BDPA iRadio Show is Franne McNeal. Episodes of the BDPA iRadio Show are now available for immediate and FREE download from the iTunes Store.

The show is sponsored by the BDPA Education and Technology Foundation. This particular video clip was put together by BETF volunteers Gerald Belton and Michele Ortmann.

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