Monday, April 2, 2012

President Profile: Dr. Demo Solaru (BDPA Cleveland)

BDPA Cleveland chapter was chartered in November 1980. Some of the most accomplished BDPA members from Cleveland include past national presidents Norman Mays, Vivian Wilson and George Williams.  The future looks bright for BDPA Cleveland chapter as they welcome on board the newest chapter president in a proud lineage of leaders -- Dr. Demo Solaru.

Dr. Demo Solaru, President
BDPA Cleveland Chapter

Address: P.O. Box 181246
Cleveland, OH 44118
(440) 399-7079

Demo shared his BDPA story with us:

I joined the BDPA Cleveland Chapter in the late 1980’s at the invitation of Ken Wilson – a foundation member of the Chapter and past president, who also happens to be my Brother in law. I have had the privilege to be a part of many Chapter initiatives including the Compass Project, an award winning mentoring initiative to inner city schools as well as support for the preparation of students for regional and national BDPA competitions (HSCC). I was recently voted in as president of the Cleveland Chapter, with the singular focus of making it vibrant and better aligned with the needs of the times as it once was in times past.
I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Purdue University, West Lafayette (Boilermakers!), A Master’s Degree in Information Systems form Eastern Michigan University and a Doctorate in Management (Management of Technology) from Case Western Reserve University (2006). I wrote a dissertation on the topic of “flow” also referred to as “optimal use experience” and its relationship to customer loyalty in online systems. To date, I have been in the business of Information systems since 1979, starting out at Ford Motor Company in Detroit as a programmer and later transitioning to Health Care systems, first as a programmer and then a Management Consultant at Ernst and Young and Laventhol & Horwath.

I had a very fortuitous meeting with an African American Entrepreneur who founded a very forward looking firm in 1986, and I was compelled to join it. To date, I am a partner in that firm called Mid-America Consulting Group. I consider myself a solutions architect and have authored online ASP and SAAS (Software-as-a-service) systems that connect Hospitals, Service Providers and Medicaid offices. My part time vocation is as an Adjunct Professor of Global Business Management at Corban College in Salem Oregon, a new experience I greatly enjoy as I live in Cleveland and interact with MBA students from all over the west coast.

My favorite BDPA moment was at the inauguration of the BDPA IT Corps program in 2011, where we recruited some very bright students prepared by our SITES program to develop imaginative and practical software solutions for the members of their community. The IT Corps program will be coming to a chapter near you and very soon!

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