Sunday, April 8, 2012

Where Are They Now: 2003 BDPA Chapter Presidents

We like to use this blog to document the BDPA legacy. We want to reach out to those heroes and sheroes that created our legacy over the past few years. For example, we would love to hear updates on those brothers and sisters that served as BDPA Chapter Presidents in 2003.

Where Are They Now?

  1. Albany (Walter McKay)
  2. Atlanta (Perry Chase)
  3. Baltimore (Denise Holland)
  4. Bay Area (Christopher Epperson)
  5. Boston (Edwin Sapp)
  6. Central Illinois (Lorenzo Marshall)
  7. Central Savannah River Area (Lisa Coleman)
  8. Charlotte (Cassandra Seibles)
  9. Chattanooga (Lynette Ramsey)
  10. Cincinnati (Gina Billings)
  11. Cincinnati State (Robin Brown)
  12. Cleveland (Beverly Peterson)
  13. Columbus (Howard Brooks)
  14. Dallas (Letitia Andrews)
  15. Dayton (Charles Crawford III)
  16. Detroit (Jovan Roberts)
  17. Ft. Wayne (Regan Scruggs)
  18. Gr Birmingham (Cedrick Moore)
  19. Gr Columbia (Mildred Allen)
  20. Gr Tampa Bay (Erni Moore)
  21. Greenville (Judy Jones)
  22. Hartford (Clarrance Williams)
  23. Houston (Aaron Jones)
  24. Kansas City (Larry Harris)
  25. Los Angeles (Angela White-Parker)
  26. Memphis (Joseph Taylor III)
  27. Miami-OH University (Kikia Carter)
  28. New Jersey (Coram Rimes)
  29. New York (Jeffry Kimble)
  30. NW Indiana (Adrian Muhammad)
  31. Orlando (Jimm Middleton)
  32. Philadelphia (Beverly Chandran)
  33. Phoenix (Bill Trotter)
  34. Pittsburgh (Stanley Lowe)
  35. Richmond (Bill Manns)
  36. Rocky Mountain (Chris Williams)
  37. Rhode Island (Lisa Ranglin)
  38. Seattle (Monique Roberts)
  39. So Minnesota (David Tines)
  40. So Florida (Renea Adderley)
  41. St. Louis (Lovis Daniels
  42. Toledo (Pa'Trice Pettaway)
  43. Triangle (Darryl Hamilton)
  44. Twin Cities (Aaron Young)
  45. Virginia Commonwealth University (Candace Johnson)
  46. Virginia State University (Ayanna Gormley)
  47. Washington DC (Gerald Peppers)
I am hopeful that we can encourage each of these 2003 chapter presidents to provide us with their electronic autograph in the COMMENTS section below.

What say u?


Villager said...

Let me help get this started. Denise Holland (2003 president of BDPA Baltimore chapter) is currently serving as national BDPA president! She was gracious hostess of the recently concluded 30th annual BDPA technology conference held in Atlanta.

Your turn!

Kiki said...

Wow, just happened to come across this. I'm currently a Software Engineer in Ohio. -Kikia Carter (Miami University)

Villager said...

Kikia - It is great to see that you continued your career in information technology since you left Miami University. I saw that you worked for awhile at Fifth Third Bank.

What would it take to get you to renew your membership in BDPA?

Also, do you keep in touch with any of your former BDPA Miami (OH) University colleagues?

Villager said...

All - I just learned that the past president of our BDPA Greater Tampa Bay chapter -- Erni Moore passed away. I don't have any of the details at the moment...

RIP Erni...