Tuesday, September 9, 2014

BDPA iRadio Show - September 9, 2014

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) is very proud to be the creator of the BDPA iRadio Show. You can listen to the archive version of the show using the widget shown in the right-hand sidebar of this blog. FREE download from the iTunes Store is also available for our listeners!

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The guest on the September 9th show:

Joneé Drake - Associate Information Consultant, Eli Lilly and Company - Joneé Drake is an IT business analyst with Eli Lilly and Company. She has a number of IT certifications and she is well-respected within her company and her community.  Joneé also has a unique place in BDPA folklore ... she was a member of the 1992 High School Computer Competition team trained by our BDPA Northwest Indiana chapter! Joneé continues her march on the journey of 'classroom to boardroom' that we admire within the BDPA family. Joneé graduated from Purdue University after leaving Gary, IN. She has worked at Eli Lilly for her entire professional career ... and current BDPA students still benefit from the work that she did to establish the annual Eli Lilly Scholarship for BDPA Students. Our BDPA iRadio Show listeners enjoyed hearing her unique perspective on BDPA as both a student and an IT professional.

Anjuan Simmons - Project Manager, OnCenter Software - Anjuan Simmons is a technologist with a successful track record of delivering technology solutions from the user interface to the database. He is currently a software project manager at a leading construction software manufacturer, and he worked as a technology executive for Infosys, Accenture, and Deloitte, all multi-billion dollar technology services companies with hundreds of clients around the world.

He is also the author of Minority Tech: Journaling Through Blackness and Technology. This book is an essay anthology covering the author’s experiences as an African American man in a society that often misunderstands Blackness, the need for people of color to own their destinies, and the value that diversity can bring to the technology industry. We are pleased to bring the unique musings of Anjuan Simmons to our BDPA iRadio audience.  Anjuan can be found on Twitter - @anjuan

We hope you enjoy the insights and commentary on the show from each of these guests. Please take a moment to post a comment to let us know that you care!
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