Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Classroom to the Boardroom: Nicholas Reid (New York University)

 BDPA believes that it can help the Black community 'win the future' by providing programs, scholarships and services that will move folks from 'the classroom to the boardroom'. Back in 2003, we created the BDPA Information Technology (IT) Showcase as part of that process. Our vision at the time was to find a way for the students trained by BDPA in coding (programming), database management, web development, presentation skills and teamwork in our local chapter computer camps and the national High School Computer Competition (HSCC) championships to stay within the BDPA family as they moved on to college.

Dr. Jesse Bemley
The IT Showcase was created by BDPA Hall of Fame member Dr. Jesse Bemley with the idea that HSCC alumni (high school or college) could continue to compete at the annual conference. These young people were encouraged to document their research on a relevant technology topic ... write a 10-page paper, create a poster board display and then defend their research in person in front of judges from industry and academia.

This blog wants to begin to highlight some of the young people who have begun their 'classroom to the boardroom' journey in both the HSCC and IT Showcase initiatives. One such student is Nicholas Reid. As a high school student Nicholas represented BDPA New York chapter in the 2010 national HSCC championship. His team finished in sixth place that year.

In 2012, he served as the technical coordinator for the high school students being trained by his local chapter.

2014 IT Showcase Award: Dr. Bemley, Nicholas, Dr. Brown
The past two years (2013 and 2014) Nicholas has been a participant in the college division of the BDPA IT Showcase. In fact, he took home the silver medal at the BDPA IT Showcase held in August 2014!

 Nicholas is the future face of technology. He is currently studying physics and computer science at New York University with a career goal of becoming an astrophysicist.

BDPA is excited to support the efforts of youngsters such as Nicholas. We expect great things from him and others who follow the BDPA path. However, we need support from BDPA members, sponsors and supporters to increase the funds available for BDPA programs, scholarships and services. Won't you take a moment to make a secure online donation right here and right now in the name of Nicholas Reid?

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