Friday, April 15, 2011

Where Are They Now: 1996 BDPA Leaders

I came across a list of our National BDPA Board of Directors from 1996 while cleaning up my home office. It includes chapter presidents and national officers who served in leadership positions back in the day. I would love for these powerful brothers and sisters to come visit with us on this blog. Perhaps we can get them to POST A COMMENT to let us know what they are up to now. Here are those 1996 leaders:

  • Midge Johnson, Executive Director
  • George Williams, National President
  • Roxanne Burrus, National Treasurer
  • Barbara Fuller, National Secretary
  • Earl Pace, Founder
  • Michael McCrimmon, Atlanta President
  • Zina Foote, Baltimore President
  • Paul Seabrook, Bay Area President
  • Richard Bell, Central Arkansas President
  • Candice Anderson, Charlotte President
  • Betty Hutchins, Chattanooga President
  • Patrick Nelson, Cincinnati President
  • Judy Williams, Cleveland President
  • Leonard Rivers, Columbus President
  • Henry Fields, Colorado President
  • Clifford Clarke, Ft. Wayne President
  • Caryl Thomas, Gr San Fernando Valley President
  • Anne York, Gr Tampa Bay President
  • Valerie Thomas, Hartford President
  • Terrell Jean, Houston President
  • Richard Clement, Lansing President
  • Reggie Watson, Los Angeles President
  • Tim Wilson, Mass Metrowest President
  • Jeffrey Cunningham, Memphis President
  • Louis Lezama, Miami President
  • Beverly Johnson, No. New Jersey President
  • Deborah Williams, Northwest Indiana President
  • John Wright, Omaha President
  • Frank Bright, Philadelphia President
  • Bill Trotter, Phoenix President
  • Hubert Harris, Richmond President
  • Ken Walker, Rocky Mountain President
  • Donald Gerard, Silicon Valley President
  • Neil Baptiste, St. Louis President
  • Paulette Lalor, Toledo President
  • Gerardette Furlow, Triangle President
  • Greg Douglass, Twin Cities President
  • Rudy Duke, Washington DC President

These are remarkable brothers and sisters. I hope that you will share your thoughts and rememberances on the 1996 BDPA leadership team down in the POST A COMMENT link down below. What say u?


Rudy said...

Rudy Duke is still involved with BDPA a dozen years later. He is the volunteer CIO for the BDPA Foundation. He runs his own IT Consulting firm ( and is still fighting the digital divide -- albeit these days in the Black church!

Villager said...

Rudy - Did any of the names of your colleagues on the NBOD from 12 years ago bring back memories?

Also, do you have names of the charter members of the BDPA Washington DC chapter? The people that helped Norman Mays found the chapter back in the day?

Villager said...

Renee McClure responded to this message with the following comments...
From: Roxanne Burrus

Hi Wayne and BDPA Family -

I'm doing well and although not an active, paying member, I'm still in contact with many members, past members and my beloved NYC Chapter. In fact, I saw Earl Pace about a year ago at a NYC Chapter sponsored event. I'm happy and impressed with how far BDPA has come and grown and feel blessed that I had a small part in that growth.

A Big BDPA Hug -
Roxanne Burrus

Villager said...

I'm surprised we heard from so few of our 1996 leaders. Where are they now?

George Williams said...

What a remarkable year and time in the history of BDPA; we made steps to transform and build upon a great history. I was proud to work with so many inspirational people. One of the great memories I have is of Sheila McCaskil of Chicago stating that 'we have to deal with mediocrity in the work-place, but we dont have to here'. It set a tone for me to lead the organization knowing that nothing was easy but anything was possible.

Highest regards,
George Williams
National President, 1994 - 1999

Villager said...

George - You did a remarkable job for BDPA. I need to contact you to get your profile for our 'BDPA Legacy' series. I'll reach out to you offline...