Monday, March 9, 2009

Are African Americans Relevant in the Internet Age?

Soulclap to Cliff Samuels who shared the following personal rant on his blog:

Are we as African Americans relevant in this Internet Age?? I was watching Download: The True Story of the Internet and noticed that WE are not there in the revolution. Google, Yahoo, Excite, Sun and the dozens of other break through companies were started by either people from Asian, India, White males and females or a combination of all but NO one of African descent. Is this bad reporting, are our idea's being stolen or are we not relevant in the Internet Age. Is it too late for us to make a difference??

Well, BETF-Blog Readers, what say u?


Urban Thought said...

When is it too late to make a difference?

The internet is a forever changing beast that is up for grabs by anyone at any time who happens to have a great idea.

I'm not sure if black people have come up with ideas that have been stolen but I will say we can make an impact if we have a great idea and execute it properly.

I work for people who invent stuff on the internet and have found that black people are no where to be found in the arena of innovation. I'm not a man of media ideas but I must say that its sad that I see no black people in my sights who are in a position to innovate.

Villager said...

Urban Thought - Your point is excellent. I would add that those that have made an impact on the Internet are not always defined by the amount of money they made by going public with their ideas. There are a number of Black pioneers in the Internet who operate under the radar. I guess that one thing we can do on our blogs is to shine the light of them...