Sunday, March 22, 2009

Former BETF Director Reggie Gardner Shares Insights on Corporate Leadership Selection

Dr. Reginald Gardner has a strong role in the legacy of BDPA. Over the years he served as BDPA Chicago chapter president, National BDPA vice president (member services) and BDPA Foundation director. I am proud to have served with him on the National BDPA Board of Directors for many years.

Reggie published a book earler this year entitled, Corporate Leadership Selection: Impact on American Business, Employees, and Society.

This book is an unbiased account of events in numerous business scenarios that I have either experienced, observed, or researched. The objective is not to paint a negative picture of corporate selection processes or behavior, but to reflect upon the leadership selection decisions and the consequences of those decisions - both positive and negative. This book also summarizes the steps of conducting a qualitative research study, and provides a glimpse of the impact to American business and American society as a result of corporate leadership selection.The intent of the excerpts in this book on leadership selection is to touch the conscious of those who willing contributed to unethical/immoral corporate leadership behavior; strike a nerve in those who have the moral courage to blow the whistle on their observed corporate wrongdoing; and open the hearts of those who will encounter questionable leadership activity in the future to respond and curtail such events. This book is geared toward existing corporate leaders; newly selected corporate leaders; those who aspire to become corporate leaders; and students who study and research corporate leader selection. The U.S. remains the greatest country in the world. It is fueled by successful American corporations. However, like any other entity or process, there is always room for improvement.
Reggis currently serves Chief Information Officer for a privately-owned luxury motor coach company. I hope that the BDPA Family reaches out to support his foray into the book world!

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