Thursday, March 26, 2009

Diversity in Science Carnival: Women in STEM - Past and Present

March is Women's History Month. One way that the month is being honored is thru the Diversity in Science Carnival: Women in STEM - Past and Present.

The blog carnival shares timely information on subjects such as:
  • Women in science through history
  • Big ideas
  • Everyday heroes of diversity
  • The lived reality of the scientific life
  • Teachers and role models
I am proud that our blog contributed to this month's Diversity in Science Carnival. The next carnival will be May 20th (there will be no DiS carnival in April), hosted by DN Lee at Urban Science Adventures!, on the topic "Dealing With Diversity - what have you done with it, what obstacles have you faced, what success stories do you have".


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Villager said...

HRGottlieb - I appreciate the tip. I visited the website. They have a wealth of options to consider...