Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Coram Rimes (Prudential) * BDPA Epsilon Award for Community Service

Coram Rimes recently won the BDPA Epsilon Award for Community Service.
Coram gives of himself to help others in many ways. For example, he assisted two high school students gain full scholarships to the New Jersey Institute of Technology. As BDPA New Jersey chapter education department director, he provided seminars to students and their parents on college admissions and the financial aid process. Coram currently serves as a member of the Orange (NJ) City Council ... a position the citizens of Orange have trusted him with since 2000.

Coram earned a B.A. from Fordham University, Master Degree in Information System from Polytechnic University and a Master in Public Administration from Rutgers University. He is currently enrolled at New Jersey Institute of Technology working on a Masters in Business Administration.

Coram has over 30 years of professional experience managing data center environments, information technology audits, and corporate physical security areas. He led major projects dealing wih a wide range of IT issues, such as Smart Card Technology, at Prudential Financial. He constantly implements cross-training techniques while automating processes and workflows that lead to improved production processes for his area. Currently, Coram manages the Corporate ID Card Administration area for Prudential Insurance. As such, he is responsible for all physical access to all Prudential Insurance buildings across the nation.

I consider Coram a friend and colleague. He truly deserved this award. Do any of you have any 'Coram-stories' that can be shared with us?

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