Saturday, June 2, 2012

Where Are They Now: Nevada Chapter Founders

Anyone know where these brothers are now? For that matter ... were there any sisters involved in the creation of our BDPA Nevada chapter? What say u?


JimNeusom said...

Greetings BDPA family,

Wayne, you know I had to respond to this...ROFL

As with all Black organizations, women were essential to the creation and establishment of the Nevada chapter of the BDPA...they were just out of the room when the picture was taken...Ok, ok, they all showed up late...ah,ah, she was taking the picture...yea that's

Seriously, let me give credit where credit is due;

Ann Robinson of BETF (who held my hand through the whole process)
Brenda Rutledge (who's office the fist meeting was held at)
Lois Green of Bank West Nevada (who supplied refreshments)
Lecia Best-Neusom (my loving wife and helpmate)
Eden McCalister (my loving daughter and next chapter President)
Traci Young of Station Casinos (representing Station Casinos Inc - 12 casinos)

Hopefully with the help of new young blood like Eden, the Nevada-BDPA will be in compliance by this summer

Villager said...

Jim - Thank you very much for taking time to update us on the power women welded in the development of the BDPA Nevada chapter. New information about Eden McCalister ... when will her term of office begin?