Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Where Are They Now: Black IT Professional Magazine

Do any of you remember the Black IT Professional Magazine that we published back in 2004-2005 era? I was very proud to be national president when this glossy-covered magazine was a publication shared with all BDPA members and conference attendees.

There were a number of BDPA members, entrepreneurs and experts in the August 2004 issue of the magazine (see list below). I wonder where they are now?

  • Robert Anthony - 'Securing Our Resources at Home and Abroad'
  • Mario Armstrong (Mayor's Office of Baltimore) - who's who in IT
  • Adrian Backus (Princeton Theological Seminary) - who's who in IT
  • Tonee Bell (A Unity System) - 'Making His Mark in Computer Technology'
  • Robert Bonow, MD - 'Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle'
  • Vercilla Brown (BDPA Exec Director) - 'Membership message'
  • Todd Stephen Burroughs - 'Securing America Post 9-11'
  • Geary Broadnax (Dovarri) - 'IT Entrepreneurs Creating Our Own'
  • Dale Bryant (The Bryant Group) - 'Finding Financial Security'
  • Stampp Corbin (RetroBox) - 'IT Entrpreneurs Creating Our Own'
  • Richard Campbell (Securiant) - 'Securing Our Future Through Technology'
  • Tony Davis (ElliottRoth & Associates) - 'Supercharge Your Career'
  • Sharon Dawes - 'Securing America Post 9-11'
  • Linda DeLavallade (Hewitt Associates) - 'Supercharge Your Career'
  • Lurita Doan (New Technology Management) - 'Securing Our Future Through Technology'
  • David Dobrin - 'Securing America Post 9-11'
  • Sonya Donaldson - 'Securing Our Future Through Technology'
  • Pierre Dunagan (The Dunagan Group) - 'Finding Financial Security'
  • William Farrow (Chicago Board of Trade) - 'Supercharge Your Career'
  • Marvin Fields - 'Supercharge Your Career'
  • Elizabeth Fife, Ph.D. (Center for Telecom Management) - 'Careers in Telecommunications'
  • Ansel Floy (Medstar Health VNA) - who's who in IT
  • Sharon Gazaway-Bell (Audio X-Press) - 'Team Building: Play Your Way to Profits'
  • Chance Glenn, Ph.D. (Syncrodyne) - 'IT Entrepreneurs Creating Our Own'
  • Melvin Gravely, Ph.D. (Institute for Entrepreneurial Thinking) - 'IT Entrepreneurs Creating Our Own'
  • Charles Hickey (BDPA Los Angeles) - 'BDPA Member Invovled in Community Outreach'
  • Wayne Hicks - BDPA president's message
  • David Hinson (Wealth Management Network) - 'Finding Financial Security'
  • Gerald Hoffman - 'Securing America Post 9-11'
  • Pamela Horne (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts) - who's who in IT
  • Jamal Jackson (Detroit MI) - letter to the editor
  • Dr. Mae Jemison - 'Dr. Mae Jemison is Headliner at BDPA Conference'
  • Pamela Jeter (Verizon Communications) - who's who in IT
  • Channelle Johnson (Washington DC) - letter to the editor
  • Josephine Johnson, MD - 'Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle'
  • Marcus Johnson - 'Team Building: Play Your Way to Profits'
  • Patrice Kelly - 'Team Building: Play Your Way to Profits'
  • John Laney (CM IT Solutions) - 'IT Entrepreneurs Creating Our Own'
  • David Malone (Information Logistics Group) - 'IT Entrepreneurs Creating Our Own'
  • Cathy Marks (Houston TX) - letter to the editor
  • John McCarthy - 'Securing America Post 9-11'
  • Pamela McElvane - publisher's page
  • Lamont Meeks (ComSys) - 'Securing Our Future Through Technology'
  • Sheryl Nance-Nash - 'IT Entrepreneurs Creating Our Own'
  • Sherreen Ogletree (Wiltech Systems Group) - who's who in IT
  • Deborah Owens - 'Get Your Wealth Online'
  • James Owens - 'Careers in Telecommunications'
  • Tyrone Parker (Hewitt Associates) - 'Supercharge Your Career'
  • Francis Pereira, Ph.D. (Center for Telecom Management) - 'Careers in Telecommunications'
  • Bruce Scheier - 'Securing America Post 9-11'
  • Matthew Scott - 'Finding Financial Security'
  • Mary Spio (Gray-Spio Digital Media) - 'IT Entrepreneurs Creating Our Own'
  • Lolita Standifer - 'BDPA Member Involved in Community Outreach'
  • Stephen Trilling (Symantec) - 'Careers in Telecommunications'
  • Arthur Varnardo (T. Rowe Price) - 'Get Your Wealth Online'
  • Montressa Washington - 'Get Your Wealth Online'
  • Carolyn White - 'Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle' and 'Making His Mark in Computer Technology'
  • Gregory White (Watson Wyatt Worldwide) - 'Careers in Telecommunications'
  • Rebecca Whitener (EDS) - 'Securing Our Resources at Home and Abroad'
  • Charmon Parker Williams, Ph.D. - 'Supercharge Your Career'
  • Don Woodard, MD - 'Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle'
  • Annette Yates (BDPA Richmond) - 'Member Spotlight'
Where are they now?


Villager said...

All - Please leave us a comment if your name is listed ... or if you have updated info on person listed. For example, Wayne Hicks is me! I'm currently serving as executive director of the BDPA Foundation.

Who's next?

Ansel said...

I am currently a Senior Security Engineer contracting through SAIC at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta. I work on the Certification and Accreditation of CDC IT Systems.

Ansel Floy

Villager said...

Ansel - I am glad that we were able to highlight you in our magazine back in the day. I'm sorry that the magazine didn't survive over time.

We had our national conference in Atlanta earlier this year. Were you able to come?

For that matter, have you considered becoming a BDPA member (

Anonymous said...

Stampp Corbin is working for President Elect Obama. He helped run his National LGBT Policy Committee for the election. As far as I know he is currently retired from the IT business.
He can currently be found on Facebook.

Villager said...

Anon - Thanks for the update on Stampp Corbin. It turns out that he and I have 3 Facebook 'friends' in common. Anyhow, I did reach out to him through that venue as you suggested...

Villager said...

All - Adrian Backus wrote, "In response to your inquiry on the where abouts of certain black IT professionals, based on the list of names in your 2004 article, "Black IT Professionals, I, Adrian Backus, have served as the first appointed Vice President for Information Technology at Princeton Theological Seminary for the last 10 years. We were one of the first early adopters/purchasers and user of the CISCO VOIP telecommunication system in higher education in the year 2000-01. Recently completed a major institutional ERP project and we have one of the few media labs in a seminary setting in the coountry.My background speacialty has also been in intellectual property law/contracts and fiscal resource and materials management negotiations for almost 30 years globally both in US, Africa and Europe. We are now involved in many new technical areas in academe and administration, iclusive reviewing the probable construction of a world class theological library for the church and the world. I have been engaged to do public speaking on Engineering Architecture, Organizational/change management. Thank you for the opportunity to share my information. Adrian Backus"

Tammy Meeks said...

My husband, Lamont Meeks, who passed away in his sleep on 08/24/11.He was 37. He loved being an IT professional and he will be missed in the business world.

Villager said...

Mrs. Meeks - We're very sorry for your loss. Please know that you and your family are in our prayers.