Saturday, January 5, 2013

Curtis Jenkins Accepts Appointment as National BDPA Vice President of Membership Management

Curtis Jenkins
National BDPA president Monique Berry proudly announced a new leadership appointment,
"Curtis Jenkins will be joining our team, as the National Vice President of Membership Management. Please join me in welcoming Curtis to the national executive committee and provide him with your support as he assimilates onto our team."
Jenkins joined BDPA Philadelphia chapter in 2002. He served in a number of leadership positions within the chapter including VP-Business Management, President and chair of the Corporate Advisory Council. This won't be the first time that Jenkins has accepted leadership challenge at the national level. He served as the National Vice President of Strategy & Planning in 2010-2011.

Curtis has an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Temple University and a graduate degree in Management of Technology from the University of Pennsylvania – School of Engineering and Applied Sciences & Wharton Business School.
"I am certain that, given his experience and overall skills, Curtis will be a great addition to our team," added Berry.
There are two primary membership management goals in 2013:
  1. Retain/Renew 80% of expiring members
  2. Increase new members by 25%
Jenkins understands that a major benefit of BDPA membership is the opportunity to network with others in the information technology industry. He said,
"People for years have gone by the statement 'It's not what you know but who you know.' That statement has much less power than 'Who knows you!' Joining and working in BDPA allows people to showcase their value with those in decision-making positions. People that 'know you' will call you when there is a job or need to fill. My last four jobs were as a result of 'who knows me'. That's the power of a network and the power of BDPA."
Please reach out to the new vice president by email ( if you want to help recruit and retain BDPA members!

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