Monday, February 9, 2009

Diversity in Science Blog Carnival: Black History Month

DNLee of Urban Science Adventures! blog is launching a new blog carnival:

All year is great time to learn more about science and the people who make the discoveries. But February offers a great opportunity to learn about the achievements of African Americans (and others from the African Diaspora) in the sciences. So I'm introducing a new Blog Carnival - Diversity in Science. Blogs of every genre is invited to write a special feature post about a person who is a pioneer or innovator in any of the amazing fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Tell us all about him/her? How has this person impacted field of STEM or inspired you? Or why is his/her story
This is a great chance for us to share information about our current and past Epsilon Award winners and other BDPA leaders. If you have something relevant, submit it through the Blog Carnival link by February 20th.


DNLee said...

Thanks for promoting this! I look forward to the pages and pages of Technologists and Engineers you all will profile.

Villager said...

DN Lee - Is it acceptable to provide your blog carnival with posts that we did awhile ago?