Monday, February 9, 2009

Grant Declination: Tommy Hilfiger Corporate Foundation

We received a response to our Tommy Hilfiger Corporate Foundation grant proposal. Unfortunately, our request for funding to support the SITES program hosted by BDPA New York chapter was turned down.

The foundation's president wrote:

The Executive Management Committee was compelled to make some difficult decisions in light of the current turbulent economic times. As a result, a new focus and direction has been finalized for the Foundation. The focus will be global in scope and consistent with our principles and belief in Education and Health for youth around the world.

Consequently and effective immediately, the Foundation will no longer support the funding of grants (April 1 & October 1 cycles). We regret to inform you, this funding decision is retroactive for both the April 1, 2008 cycle and the October 1, 2008 cycle.

The Foundation would like to thank you for your patience during this period of restructuring and wishes you much success with your organization and in your search for new funding. We hope that the Foundation played a small role in impacting the lives of children.

Guy Vickers, president
The Tommy Hilfiger Corporate Foundation

Mr. Vickers confirms what we already knew. The economic crisis impacting our nation is detrimental to our funding efforts in BDPA. We cannot wait for bailouts or stimuli. We must take steps as BDPAers to stimulate the interest of our young people in science and technology.

That's my view. What say u?

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