Saturday, October 24, 2009

Give By The Click

By Betsy Brill

In an age of packed schedules and dwindling funds, we may not feel we have the time or money to devote to charitable giving. Fortunately for the thousands of nonprofit organizations struggling to provide critical services to our communities in this challenging economy a new wave of young and innovative social entrepreneurs has created inventive Web applications to accomplish the seemingly impossible: to spur charitable giving during a recession and to allow us to give without even opening our wallets.

These Web applications are experiments in social enterprise -- turning profits while creating forums for social change. Unlike the much-publicized charitable giving applications created by Facebook (Causes) and Twitter (TwitCause), these enterprises allow us to give while saving time -- and even money--as we multi-task our way through our daily lives. They also have the potential to supply a sustainable and reliable funding source -- however nominal -- for nonprofits for which every penny truly counts.

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